Hey Mikey- “Woman Drama”

Hey Mikey,

I’m having some issues with my new girlfriend and I’m not sure what do about them. I have been trying to be friends with my ex girlfriend, and I even introduced her to my new girlfriend. Surprisingly, they hit it off and actually became good friends. I figured I had nothing to worry about until me and my new girl got into an argument. She brought up some stuff from my old relationship to back up fears she has about us being together. My ex claims that she hasn’t said anything to her incriminating about me, but I just don’t know because she has a history of meddling in other people’s business. I did also catch my new girlfriend reading my journal, maybe she found out from there. I doubt that my ex girlfriend would say something nasty about me, due to her deeply spiritual nature. What should I do to patch up things between me and my new girl? I do want us to work out.

-Woman Drama

***Woman Drama, you have place yourself in a very unnecessary predicament. You need to accomplish the following:
1. Remove your ex from the equation.
2. Establish boundaries concerning your personal privacy and relationship with both women.
Let’s keep it 100! No matter how trendy and cool it is you should be not be kicking it with your ex. As I have stated in previous posts, you have to “treat an ex like an ex.” Mixing new business with old business is only complicated, and NEVER a good look! First of all, what did you expect. The fact is that people talk, and naturally women confide in one another. Therefore, she could have learned some rather unsavory things from your ex girlfriend. That needs to stop! Let your girl know how comfortable you are with her and your ex communicating about you, if they are.

Now, getting into an even more important issue at hand, your girl should not be reading your journal! Nor should your ex be meddling in your relationship, if she is.  That is a serious violation of your privacy and you need to check them both on it. Meddling is only cute for Mystery Inc! Remember that.

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