My cousin recently got some wisdom from you about her boyfriend. I found it to be riveting and refreshing, so I’d like to see your opinion on an issue I’m having with my adult daughter. My daughter has been married for ten years to a man I think is good for her. He’s an excellent provider and a good father. I don’t think I’ve ever met a man so in love with his children. My daughter is ready to throw all that way. They got into an altercation three months ago and he struck her. She wasn’t seriously injured, but she immediately filed for divorce. In a few days they won’t be husband and wife. This is the first time I’ve ever even known of them to have a disagreement. My daughter and I are very close, we tell each other everything. I think if something like this, or they weren’t getting along, she would’ve told me. I don’t think she should divorce him for this and he’s even spoken to me saying he wants to work it out. She’s flat out refusing, and not listening to any of my advice. Things happen. How do I get her to wisen up and give her marriage a fighting chance?



***CDF, you have asked the wrong question! You shouldn’t be asking me how to get them back together. Instead you should be asking how I get you to butt out. WOMEN ARE DYING EVERYDAY! Your daughter has gotten off lucky. There are thousands more women with bruises, gashes, broken bones, and in graves every year from domestic violence. As her mother, you should be supporting her decision–whatever that may be. I also don’t believe this is the first time they have had an altercation. As Iyanla Vanzant once told Evelyn Lozada concerning her situation, if you look at any altercation you’ll find bread crumbs, a series of small events that precede a cataclysmic one. Just because he might not have ever physically harmed her before doesn’t mean she hasn’t been routinely verbally, emotionally, or mentally abused. No one tells another person every facet of their life. Look harder, believe your daughter, and again SUPPORT HER! She’s going to need her mother in her corner now more than ever.

♢Domestic violence is wrong and dangerous. If you, or someone you know, is suffering from domestic violence PLEASE get help somewhere.

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