Hey Mikey- “You Won’t Keep No Man…”

Hey Mikey!

My husband is tripping real hard. He knew I was a party girl from the jump. Since we’ve been married he’s been trying to get me to stay home more and do laid back stuff. I’m with that every now and then but I like to be out with my girls and doing my own thing. He says I’m making think a few things. Any idea what some of those things could be?


***Trista, I know exactly what he’s thinking and none of it is good. They include, but don’t exclude the following:
-She wants to have her cake and eat it too.
-She’s my wife and she doesn’t want to spend time with me.
-Her single friends are going to get her into some trouble that could possibly end us.
– She should act more like a wife and less like some immature girlfriend.

To put it simply darlin’, you can’t keep no man hanging out at the club all the time. Be glad he’s verbalizing how he feels and not acting out. Imagine how you would feel if this situation was reversed (as it is for so many other women). Compromise is the key! You can have a healthy marriage and social life of you find away to happily incorporate your husband. Going ahead and download that “We mentality” into your noggin now. You’re gonna need it to avoid any appearances in divorce court!

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Hey Mikey!

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