Hey Miss Carter: The Dates Have Stopped


This is the advice column featured on Kontrol Magazine called “Hey Miss Carter” that answers dating, sex, and relationship questions! I received a question from a reader about her man no longer taking her on dates!

Dateless in Atlanta: Hey Miss Carter. I am writing you this message from my room. That may seem normal to you however I am very upset to be here. Why you may ask? Well it’s because I’ve been in my room more often on Friday nights than I’d like to have been. I’ve been dating this guy for about seven months. In the beginning things were perfect! We spoke all the time, he visited often, and we DATED, like we actually went on real dates out in the city. Now those things have changed. He spends most of his time hanging with his friends, playing the Xbox or he just wants to sit in the house. I’m too young to be in the house. I want an actual date! We could do dinner and a movie dates, or something new. I’m really getting tired of not “dating” and I am ready to give up. HELP ME!