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Hey Miss Carter: His Sex Game is Lacking

Hey Miss Carter: His Sex Game is Lacking


This is the advice column featured on Kontrol Magazine called “Hey Miss Carter” that answers dating, sex, and relationship questions! I received a question from someone about their relationship’s lack of sex.

Sexually Frustrated: Hey Miss Carter! So I met this amazing guy! A complete upgrade from the dogs I was dating! He is a really nice guy and treats me so well. We go on fun dates, he treats me like a lady, and I don’t have any worries of him cheating on me! Sounds great right? Well… the ONLY problem is he is lacking in the sexual department. I know that makes me sound shallow but it is affecting my feelings for him. What should I do?

Miss Carter: Hey Sexually Frustrated or should I say Frustrated Sexually! Let me first say that this can be a common problem in some relationships so please don’t feel shallow. However, this is definitely something that you need to explore. For example, if you continue to be frustrated sexually then you will eventually take it out on him by more than likely stepping out on him. BIG question is, is his sex game lacking in procedure or equipment? MAJOR difference! One of these can be fixed and one of them can be lifelong. If he is lacking in the procedure department, then this is something the two of you can work on together. There are toys, books and get this… EVEN VIDEOS that can spice up your sex life! This can be fun for the both of you! Try stimulating him more before the grand finale! Bring heels, toys, and restraints to the bedroom! If you guys are out on a date rub him up and make him anticipate what is going to happen when the time is right! Sometimes you have to take KONTROL of the situation. Tell that man exactly what you want and make him give it to him, but you have to stroke his ego, literally and figuratively, and let him think he is in KONTROL of everything. There is no need let go of 80% of a man for a lack of 20%! Girl, things like sex can be worked on but a dog ass man will be just that! Count your blessings.. He sounds like a keeper!


About the Writer:

Whitney J. is a true GA Peach with a gift for helping others! She currently is studying to become a relationship therapist and plans to help many with this education to better their relationships and love life! Originally blogging as ZenobiaSpeaks, Whitney J. exhibits much passion in understanding people and how they function in relationships!

Be sure to follow Whitney J on social media:

IG: __whitney.j & Twitter: __WhitneyJ



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