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There are two types of fashionistas in this world–the “bargain hunter,” and the “name brand hunter.” While we see that great looks can be created from both high end stores to the thrift shop down the street, the demand of high priced garments are still present. How much are you willing to pay to get the trendy looks of today? $200, $400, $600? There seems to be no limit for a price people will pay in the name of fashion including these three lines that seem to be asking for a pretty penny for their creations.


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Photo Credit: matchesfashion.com

While neither one of these items are enough to even make one outfit alone, the price will have you wondering why? The distressed sweater pictured above costs more than a high school student’s first car totaling past the $2,000.00 mark.  If you though you were safe trying to buy that crop top on the right, brace yourself, the price is set at $121.00–OUCH!

Branded Shop by Forever 21


Photo Credit: Forever21.com

Forever 21 is usually inexpensive and can be a girl’s go to place for fashion finds and deals, but it also has high priced section as well. Venturing over to the Branded Shop on forever 21 will leave you wondering why something would coast so much–for an example the Rascals Band Zip Hoodie above totals at $90.00 BEFORE tax!

Balmain X H&M


Photo Credit: pinterest.com

H&M can push the limits of what a consumer will pay at the register, but with the hyped up Balmain X H&M line has customers wondering is there a limit? The leather pant comes in around the $300.00 mark , while the beaded dress rolls around the $599.00.  This line comes from Paris and celebrities have been spotted wearing this brand, but will the trend setter be able to keep up with prices passing the $500.00 mark?

Victoria Webster

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