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His Lips on Fleek! Why E.L.F.’s (@askelf) Lip Exfoliator is a Man’s Must Have!

His Lips on Fleek! Why E.L.F.’s (@askelf) Lip Exfoliator is a Man’s Must Have!

Since 2005 I have interviewed dozens of celebrities, most of the female (Adrienne Bailon, V Bozeman, Sharon Leal, etc.). From these ladies I learned the highs and lows of the entertainment industry and the awful juxtaposition of dating and fame. However, just as interestingly, I discovered that women LOVE a well groomed man. In each of my interviews I always ask what could/should men do to be more attractive. You would think money and muscles would be at the top of their lists–being that these are multimillionaires–you would think WRONG! Simple things like smelling good, eye brow waxing, manicures, and pedicures topped the list along with lip care!


DCF compatable JPEG Img
Not attractive!

Sorry fellas no lady wants to kiss a guy with dry, cracked lips or if you’re a smoker they definitely don’t want your lips to show it! Black is beautiful, but not when it comes to charred lip skin from cigarettes and blunts! You might think simple chap stick or a lip moisturizer might fix the issue. Eventually it might (BIG emphasis on might!), but for a surefire way to get your lips back on fleek, E.L. F.’s Lip Exfoliator is the way to go! The product comes in a black, hard plastic tube containing what looks like brown, grainy lipstick. However, it is in fact composed of gritty exfoliating ingredients that will do to your lips what a facial cleanser will do to your skin–leave them smooth. The directions are as follows:


1. Wipe your lips with warm water. Remove any substance from them.

2. Apply the Lip Exfoliator on lips, rubbing both lips with the product and remove dead, dry skin. Be gentle with the stick while applying it to your lips, it can break!

3. Wipe the exfoliating particles from your lips with warm water–be sure you remove all of it!

4. Apply your chapstick or lip moisturizer! Voila! Healthy and sexy lips!

You can find E.L.F.’s Lip Exfoliator in the cosmetics aisle of most supermarkets for a mere $2.99. I recommend using miniature Vaseline’s Lip Therapy Rosy Lips. It’s $0.99 at most pharmaceutical stores. The rosy color will make your lips pink and fleshy colored. This makes them youthful looking and kissable! Alright guys step your lip game up! Remember being handsome is from head to toe!



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