Hit Dogs Do Holler! DMX Threatens Legal Action Against OWN for ‘Fix My Life’ Fiasco

Over the years we’ve seen the rise and fall of the very talented and equally troubled, hip-hop artist DMX. After several arrests and stints in jail throughout his career, the rapper has gone on record on several occasions admitting his battle with addiction(s). His latest admission was during an interview with Iyanla Vanzant OWN Network’s “Fix My Life” series. The rapper unraveled before Vanzant, the film crew and now the world when asked about his childhood, fatherhood and drug addiction.

Since the show was aired, the rapper claims Vanzant “made me look bad” for ratings and, as a result, is threatening legal action against the network if they do not remove the footage.

Although his behavior and responses were erratic and maniacal in nature, an undercurrent of sadness would resonate with any viewer. Take a look at the interview below and tell us what you think? Was he set up or was Vanzant really trying to fix his life?