Hit The Floor- “Behind My Back”

Sex, scandal, and sabotage is the name of The Devils’ game in “Behind My Back!” It seemed like everyone was either being exposed or acting on their own agendas to take someone else out. First, Sloane plays “cop” when she confronts Chase about Olivia’s murder. Not surprisingly, he didn’t confess to her murder–but he did move her body to set Oscar up. Naturally, the kingpin of the Devils (no, not Satan this time) forces him to sign a plea deal and reveals neither of them killed Olivia. Elsewhere, it is love and war as Jelena and Zero make an unholy alliance to take down Ahsha and Derek. Jelena suspects Ahsha and Derek are involved and tests her theory by compelling Ahsha and German to kiss on camera! Not surprisingly Derek could not keep it together, revealing his jealousy with a little innuendo. Jelena has the happy couple secretly photographed after they sweetly confess their love for one another. Zero “zeroed” in on Terence and Derek, further driving a wedge between the two players. Pete travails Hell and high water to keep Raquel, and her son, in his life despite Jude and Lionel’s antics. Sloane recommits herself to uprooting the corruption in The Devils organization, but realizes things just got a whole lot more dangerous now that there is a murderer involved!

hit the floor 2

This latest episode should have been called “Backstabbers,” just like The Ojays’ song! It seems when you are involved with The Devils everything eventually falls to Hell. Jelena was the star player this episode, proving she is not only cold, but highly calculating–and maybe even a murderer! I dare say she would make an awesome super villain. She and Zero are actually quite the pair. They are definitely more interesting than she and Terence ever were. Never fear though, the fact that he did not sell her restaurant says there is room for reconciliation. I don’t know about you but I’m already psyched for next week’s episode. May the Lord have mercy on these lil’ devils!

Next week–> TMZ threatens to reveal Ahsha and Derek’s relationship, Zero tries to take play time from Derek, Jelena is invited to the reading of Olivia’s will!



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