Hit The Floor- “Blow Out”

The Devil’s number is “Zero” in the latest episode of “Hit The Floor!” The Devils and everyone involved find themselves back where they started thanks to the machinations of Jelena and Zero. Sloane finally affords Ahsha some protection becoming Jelena’s latest target. She delves into the past to find an unflattering photo of her nude and using drugs. Zero makes quite the sacrifice to attain it for her. Oscar hopes to use is in-house family composed of The Hayes Women and Pete to kick off Family Day. They manage to pull it off and actually look like a real family. Derek’s mommy issues and Zero’s new plays prove to be his undoing as he lashes out at everyone around him. His partnership with Terence is ended with a shove. He flees with Ahsha in tow only to be pulled over by cops who find cocaine in her purse that he tried to dispose of.

Adam Senn as "Zero"

Zero is anything but a number in this latest episode. This scripture quoting devil finally proved why he and Jelena click so well. They are both power hungry and evil. Their victories in this episode set everyone back and now threatens to destroy Sloane and Derek for good. How is lil’ Ahsha going to deal with her scandalized mother and coke head boyfriend? Lionel is quite the go getter when it comes to Pete she refuses to let anyone have him if she cannot. Unlike Jelena, she has successfully kept all his other potential love interests at bay. She may very well have the last laugh. I have no doubt somehow that nude picture of Zero is going to come back and haunt him by destroying his good, wholesome, Christian facade. It is only a matter of time. Things are definitely going to Hell in a jump shot in Devil world. We will just have to see next week!


Next week—> Ahsha demands to know why Derek had cocaine, Sloane faces the fallout from her picture, Zero and Terence both try to win over Jelena, Sloane demands to know what Raquel is hiding from her 

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