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Hit The Floor- “Full-Court Press”

Hit The Floor- “Full-Court Press”

Everyone wins and loses in the world of “The Devils!” This week’s episode saw a few characters step out of the dark. Ahsha and Derek, with some surprising help from Lionel, are graciously introduced to the world as a couple. No one takes their decision lightly–friends or foes. Her parents fear he will hurt her and Jelena (with those Maleficent eyes) is furious her plans to take them down are foiled! Raquel, yet again, finds herself jealous of Sloane and Pete’s closeness not realizing they are looking after their daughter.

Kyle showcases her sex therapist skills on a new target only to have them wasted when her bookie intervenes. Still, he proves to be a stand up guy when he pays off the rest of her debt–she rewards him a “ride.” Olivia’s will reading is anything but normal as Jelena is the only guest. The late Devil Girl wills her ten percent ownership to Jelena’s mother, Vanessa. The suspects pile up as it is revealed not only did Jelena receive a “No More Secrets” letter but so did Jude, Kyle, and Derek!


This week’s episode showed everyone’s true color–and weakness. Jelena again comes to the forefront in this episode. Although her latest plan to get rid of Ahsha failed, we learned more about her. We see she is actually human and really loves Terence.  She is just too prideful and selfish to admit. He hall no fury like “German” scorned as he set Zero’s plans into motion to get rid of Derek after the latter goes public with his ex. Honestly, I cannot say I blame the guy. Little Ms. Ahsha Hayes isn’t innocent! As for Sloane, it is time to stop playing secret agent. Sorry darling you’re just no good at it. Man I thought Summer and Hell were hot, but this show is producing a new dramatic heat all its own.


Next Week—> Jelena’s mother (played by Lynn Whitfield) comes to to town, Ahsha deals with Derek’s groupies

For a more in depth recap of this week’s episode check out “Must See TV Reviews!!!” at www.HeyMikeyATL.com.


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