Hit The Floor- “Game Changer”

“Hit The Floor” returned with a steamy scene! Derek and Ahsha make love before their respective practices. At the main court, Jelena drills the girls (as usual), but rehearsal is interrupted by Sloane. She and Sloane get off on bad footing with the former reminding the latter who’s in charge. She gives the girl and open invitation to speak to her at any time. Jelena admonishes her for her “inspiring” speech. Elsewhere, Oscar and Pete discuss the building of the new stadium. They are interrupted by new player, Zero, brought into the Devils team by hotshot agent, Jude. Terence and Derek are not thrilled. In the locker room Kyle fills the girls in on her deadbeat husband. She tries to talk to Ahsha about her relationship with Derek, but the latter does not want to reveal their romance. Jelena rudely reminds Ahasha the All-Stars are over and although she beat her she did not truly win. Back in his office, Pete and Raquel have sex. Oscar thanks Jude for bringing in Zero. It is revealed Oscar is Jude’s father. In Sloane’s office she calls Ahsha in and tries to reconnect with her. The latter tells her mother, Jelena is not her problem– she is! Jelena goes to Oscar about Sloane. She tries to use her sway to get Sloane fired. Oscar vetoes her decision and warns her not to make him regret giving her ten percent of the team. She warns him he will regret hiring Sloane.

Olivia has fallen into a deep depression, locking herself away in her room. Her husband, Chase, tries to bring her to her senses to no avail. Things are as awkward as ever between Pete and Sloane, they only stare at each other when they meet. German meets with Pete, revealing he is leaving Los Angeles and asks him to use his connections to help him attain his goals. Jelena and Terence drift even further apart as she sees him with another woman. On the court, Ahsha jokes with Derek about jealous of Zero. He asks her to move in with him, she panics and lies, telling him she cannot because she is living with Kyle. Luckily, the latter overhears her and goes along with the lie. In the players’ locker room, the guys time is cut short with the arrival of Pete’s wife, Lionel Davenport.yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

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