Hit The Floor- “Isolation”

“Isolation” is the name of this week’s game on “Hit The Floor!” Everyone’s troubles come at once and they seem to have to face them alone. Ahsha reels from being arrested and almost charged with cocaine possession due to Derek’s negligence. He makes light of the situation by using his fame to get her let off with a warning. Jelena bares her heart and a rare moment of kindness when she pretends to still be with Terence for his friend Vance’s sake. The latter is suffering from CTD, causing him memory loss, dementia, and depression. All from the many concussions he suffered during his football career.



Sloane literally isolates herself in her home, embarassed by her leaked pictures. Ahsha comes to comfort her and accurately blames Jelena for the deed. German finds Pete drunken and downtrodden and enlists his daughter’s aide in getting him together. Sloane warns her Pete cannot be saved and to keep her distance. Raquel scores a major victory for Sloane’s investigation when she gets the number for Oscar’s burner phone from Jude. Ahsha promises to take Jelena down for attacking her mother while Kyle cons her way into a billionaire’s arms.  Sloane discovers Olivia was also blackmailing Raquel–she is an illegal immigrant. The two women promise to take Oscar down together, but are overheard and confronted by Jude. Zero offers Jelena “the world.”

Sabotage and shenanigans like what we saw in this episode would force even Superman into his Fortress of Solitude. Sloane, however, strengthens her resolve to take down Oscar and we love her for it. Jelena’s background story and dimensions are getting deeper by the episode. You actually get to see her be kind to someone for no other reason than she actually cares for him. Her fantasy life story was nothing short of sweet. I’m just ready to see what Ahsha has in store for us. To take down someone like Jelena you have got to do some dirty deeds. Is she down for it?


Next week—> Jude interrogates Raquel and Sloane about taking down Oscar, Ahsha confronts Pete about his drinking, Zero threatens to throw the playoffs

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