Hit The Floor- “Passing”

Love, sex, death, and dancing were all  “Hit The Floor” last night! Everyone seemed to be on edge as news of Olivia’s death and subsequent funeral affected the world of “The Devils.” No one seemed more affected than Sloane, however, by her untimely demise. She began to unravel, revealing her inadequacies as director of “The Devil Girls.” Smelling blood, Jelena does not hesitate to call Sloane out. She insists they perform in Olivia’s honor. Luckily, Ahsha is able to look past her own “mommy issues” and fear of her relationship with Derek being outted, to be there for her mother–at her father’s insistence.

Elsewhere, German deals with responsibilities of being the new assistant coach. The tension between he and Derek is as thick as cake, placing Ahsha in an awkward spot between her ex- and “next” boyfriends. She demands Derek cooperate with German, he in turn promises to “play nice.”

hit the floor jelena

Pete decides to go public with his relationship with Raquel after receiving Ahsha’s blessing. Lionel proves to be a “lioness” with the new couple as her prey.  Olivia’s funeral was anything but peaceful and heartwarming.  Zero finally “zeroed” in Jelena as she falls apart giving Olivia’s eulogy. After being her knight in shining armor, he also proves to be her steed, as she rode him to glee in the church confessional! Jelena truly is a devil!

She forces Jude’s hand as he in turn forces Pete’s when he bad mouths Sloane. This only causes problems for his budding relationship with Raquel, as Ahsha reveals her parents very recently slept together! Raquel angrily storms away from the funeral, while Jude and Lionel look on happily.

The Devil’s star player teeters on pain medication addiction as he tries to conceal his knee injury which is now so bad he found it difficult to be a pallbearer at the funeral. Just as Olivia is interred her husband, Chase, is arrested for her murder.

Next week-Sloane finds herself too deep in the investigation surrounding Oscar and Olivia’s murder, Zero plans to drive a deeper wedge between Derek and Terence!

hit the flooe terence

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