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Hit The Floor- “Playing Dirty”

Hit The Floor- “Playing Dirty”

When you “Hit The Floor” or roll with pigs you are bound to find yourself in the mud. The Devils are no exception, especially when it come to “Playing Dirty!” Some of our most beloved Devils found themselves on the wrong side of a morality and others simply reaped what they sowed. Sloane and Raquel prove to be quite The Dynamic Duo when it comes to dealing with Jude. They trick him into believing they are investigating Oscar for fraud, and later Raquel breaks into his apartment and discovers he has a Red Letter from Olivia. Once she learns of his and Derek’s coke involvement he calls a truce with she and Sloane. Elsewhere, Pete and Lionel reconnected and continued their romantic escapades. He, however, finds more comfort in alcohol than her. Ahsha gives him an ultimatum–her or alcohol. Naturally, he chooses her and promises to stop drinking. He soon gives into a little champagne and falls into what appears to be a coma–Ahsha finds him and is unable to wake him.


Ahsha tries to flex her bad girl muscle by setting Jelena up, by making it appear she is involved with a notorious escort service. She sends it “anonymously” to the L. A. Times. The next day, Zero is caught up in a scandal with the escort service and tries to assure the public he is innocent. Jelena, however, distances herself and comes off as a saint in an Extra interview. Ahsha realizes she has been outsmarted and outmatched when Jelena tells her they will find out who sent that e-mail by tracking her IP Address. Zero goes from a hero to absolute zero when Terence and Derek make up, he realizes Jelena has set him up, and his Christian image has been tarnished. Jude tries to comfort him and then kisses him in the process!

The Devils got dirtier than usual this episode. Ahsha proved she needs to stay in her lane. She is not as resourceful as her mother or wicked as Jelena. She is a good girl, and that is what she needs to stay. Man, we knew Jelena was wicked, but devilishly intelligent–it is quite a turn on! Leave it to one monster to take down another as she brought Zero to his knees. I guess Jelena and ultimatums are never a good thing.


Next week—> Zero confronts Jude about his sexuality, a mysterious girl questions German, Oscar enlist Kyle’s help with a job, Derek and Ahsha argue about German

***For a more in depth episode recap for “Playing Dirty,” check out www.HeyMikeyATL.com, in “Must See TV Reviews!!!”


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