Hit The Floor- “Shattered Glass”

Even angels have a devilish streak in “Hit The Floor!” Sloane falls from grace when Raquel catches her trying to break into Oscar’s office. The two women become unlikely allies when Raquel agrees to help her with her investigation. Elsewhere, The Devils’ newest couple prepare for the opening of “Rome,” Derek’s new club. Although Ahsha is happy for him, she finds dealing with his groupies to be hard. More of Jelena’s past is revealed when her mother comes to visit. The two have not talked for nearly two years. Apparently, her mother was abused most of Jelena’s childhood by her father. Witnessing such constant domestic violence made Jelena angry and cold. Terence tries to help and reconcile with her but she rebuffs his advances further distancing herself from him.

Elsewhere, it is revealed Olivia was blackmailing a number of people into helping her take Oscar down. Kyle faces her sins, known and unknown, when a blast from her past reveals the police have files on her.  Derek and Jude agree to have each others back concerning the drugs they had that Olivia knew about. Raquel FINALLY calls things off with Pete. Jelena finally lets her hair down and confronts her mother about their family issues. Spitefully, Vanessa (her mother), decides to keep her ten percent ownership of The Devils as it is her sole connection to her daughter. Things literally reach a breaking point when, in a rage, Jelena smashes all the glass in her living room! Raquel too, has a Red Letter from Olivia!


Jelena is really making this season worthwhile. I was glad to learn why this girl is so cold. We finally learned the harsh truth. It was great to see Lynn Whitfield as her mother. The scene where they faced off was epic! You can already tell Derek and Ahsha are doomed. He promised to be honest, but did not mention his involvement with drugs. You just know lil’ Miss Hayes is gonna drop him for that! Til next week!


Next week—> Derek’s mother comes to visit, The Devils roast Derek, Pete and Lionel go out together

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