Hit The Floor- “Steal”

The Devils came to kill, “Steal,” and destroy in the latest episode of “Hit The Floor!” Our favorite fantasy basketball family all tried to take their share of the limelight. Sloane and Pete finally manage to get their relationship steady and on track. They even manage to gain Ahsha’s support. Just as their relationship mends, Ahsha and Derek’s ends. Derek returns all her belongings from his home and wishes her well. German finally manages to move on–albeit to a snake–as Kendra is more than a reporter. She is Zero’s conduit to Derek’s destruction. Kyle proves she loves her life more than chasing money and joins Sloane and Raquel’s investigation of Oscar. While she gets Mia’s medical examiner to spill his tea in a drunken stupor, Sloane unwittingly is able to tie Oscar to a gambling ring thanks to Chase.



Zero eludes Jude’s attempts to make their arrangement into a relationship and reveals he has always been bisexual. Jude is hurt but finds comfort and a friend in Lionel. Jelena is uncharacteristically kind and wise when it comes to helping Terence. Their newfound trust in each other only brings them closer together. Jelena may have won Terence back but she lost to Ahsha when the latter choreographed The Devil Girls’ latest routine. Ahsha and Sloane prove to be quite the problem for Jelena. She retaliates when she unwittingly finds Sloane’s evidence against Oscar–including Kyle’s microphone. Lionel loses Pete and Ahsha unknowingly has gained a half-sibling, now that she is pregnant.


It is not surprising that anyone in the world of The Devils is a backstabber. The depths to which all the characters are going to take each other down is as riveting a roller coaster ride in free fall! Jude and Zero’s new fling has put a new twist on the whole show. No one is really sure whether to root for them or not, especially since Zero is pretty much the Devil. Poor Jude does not know he is going to get burned. This love triangle between Sloane, Pete, and Lionel is getting real ugly. I wonder what Pete is going to do when he realizes he is going to be a dad again. Jelena also better watch out. She will have a whole slew of new enemies if everyone else finds out she prevented Oscar from being taken and their release from Olivia’s blackmail!


Next Week—> Sloane demands Jelena hand over the evidence against Oscar, Oscar threatens Jelena, Terence and Zero face off, Derek and Jude call off their alibi deal

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