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Hit The Floor- “Sudden Death”

Hit The Floor- “Sudden Death”

Life and love are both up for grabs when the game is “Sudden Death!” This latest episode of “Hit The Floor” pushed everyone’s hopes and dreams a little closer to fruition or despair. Sloane returns to her office to find the evidence against Oscar missing. She immediately convenes with Raquel and Kyle, who both agree to slowly back out of the investigation. Oscar enlists the aide of a corrupt cop to find out who has been investigating him and learns Chase has been exonerated for Olivia’s murder. The news announces Olivia’s case is reopened, everyone she was blackmailing with a Red Letter pauses in fear. Lionel relishes in motherhood and eagerly goes to see Pete, but find he and Sloane having a moment. She breaks down and begins to cramp in the restroom and miscarries. Jelena sees her throw a pair of baby shoes in the trash.



Lionel angrily confronts Sloane and tells her she hates her. Zero’s plan to leak Terence’s injury to the news almost works until Derek and Pete back him up. They agree to play him at 100% til the season’s end. However, Terence promises to take Zero down for his betrayals. In Boston, the Devils lose their game, but Ahsha and German begin to reconnect. The have sex on the dance floor in the arena after heavy flirting. After Sloane learns Jelena has her evidence they face off. The latter refuses to hand over the evidence and says she no longer has it. She hands it over to Lionel, who in turn forms an alliance with Oscar. Oscar reveals he knows who all met with Olivia before she died, just as Jude comes out to him. He disowns him, further pushing him into Zero’s arms after another fallout with Derek. Elsewhere Derek and Kyle form an alliance, agreeing to be each others’ alibis for the night of Olivia’s murder.

The season finale will be explosive if this is the last episode before it. The antics and shenanigans of the villains of this show have them on a winning streak. Oscar, Lionel, Zero, and Jelena are as dangerous as The Legion of Doom! Ahsha needs to decide if she is going to be #TeamGerman or #TeamDerek. This flip flopping is making her look a little naive and stupid. You cannot have a good boy with a really bad edge, that’s like looking for a halfway crook. Not a good look! Sloane, however, is in over her head. It’s time she call in some reinforcements before she actually loses her head.


Next Week—> The Season Finale, Jude tries to help Zero get MVP,  German and Ahsha have a heart to heart, Kyle and Derek move forward with their alibi stories, the identity of Olivia’s murderer is revealed!

***For a more in depth episode recap for “Sudden Death” check out www.HeyMikeyATL.com, in “Must See TV Reviews!!!”


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