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Hit The Floor- “Unguarded”

Hit The Floor- “Unguarded”

Hearts, loves, and lives are left “Unguarded” in the latest episode of “Hit The Floor.” It seems everyone is allowed one day to be vulnerable at least one day in Devil world and today was that day! Sloane comes to Ahsha’s aide in helping Pete get better. However, upon his awakening she admonishes him for putting their daughter through so much and demands to know why he has begun to spiral downward again. He blames her for his latest bout of binge drinking and they hash out their troubled, shared past. Sloane forgives him and they wind up having sex in his hotel room. Jelena and Terence rekindle their relationship after a series of hook ups. She discovers his oxycontin use, but agrees he should finish the season and win a ring under his own merits without the use of the drugs.


Kyle once again works her “special skills,” this time at Oscar’s request. He rewards her with more contacts for her Black Book and a microphone to keep for “future jobs.” Ahsha plays it smart and manages to save face and herself by publicly revealing she sent the email about Zero because she was “jealous” of Jelena. The latter is forced to forgive her on national television, but is furious Ahshah has once again foiled her plans. Kyle’s housewarming party is anything but fun as Raquel discovers her Red Letter. The two friends exchange blackmail info on what Olivia had on them. Raquel informs her she is working on an investigation to expose Oscar concerning Mia’s murder and that he use to give her microphones to use for jobs. Kyle realizes she is in danger. Derek and Ahsha break up in front everyone when he realizes Ahsha has been confiding in German concerning Pete’s problems for weeks now and their mounting trust issues. Elsewhere, Zero questions Jude’s sexuality telling him it is okay to be gay, but the latter refuses to accept it. He does begin to, however,Jude meets a photographer, Danny, and invites him to Kyle’s housewarming party. Zero comes off as jealous and tells him he does not even know the guy. Jude sees through his intent and they begin to make out and ultimately have sex.


Every major couple experienced a shake up this episode. No one is surprised by the outcomes of Sloane and Pete, Terence and Jelena, or Derek and Ahsha’s relationships. However, the new couple that may be Zero and Jude is what took the show. No one could have guessed Zero was gay, or bisexual at the least. This character is relevant. After all, in this last year a whole slew of professional athletes have come out. Is this Zero’s destiny? His character could definitely use a little humanity, love, and humility espeically since he has been nothing short of Satan this season. Jude is definitely going to want more from him, but this may be the secret that turns Zero into a negative number.


Next week—> Sloane is confronted by Olivia’s husband, Jude questions Zero about their relationship status, Jelena tries to get Terence to see a doctor, Derek returns Ahsha’s belongings from his house

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