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Hit The Floor- “Winner Takes All”

Hit The Floor- “Winner Takes All”

Some win, and many lose whenever the game is “Winner Takes All” in “Hit The Floor!” This second season finale brought twist and turns to our favorite Devils so devastating that no one will ever be the same again.  Sloane and Pete join after he learns from Raquel what Oscar has been up to. They prove to be quite the team; even figuring out Lionel has the evidence and was using it to blackmail Oscar into marrying her. At the arena, German and Ahsha reconnect, with the latter telling her he will be okay with whatever she decides concerning the status of their relationship. Oscar’s puppet detective interrogates Jude and Jelena on their whereabouts the night of Olivia’s murder. Both manage to fly under his radar. However, he is powerless to stop Sloane from handing over evidence to the police.



The Devils win their championship thanks to Terence sacrificing his knee and pushing the game into overtime. Derek scores the winning goal, leaving Zero with nothing. His plans for MVP are dashed. Everyone celebrates the win, but their happiness is cut short when the police arrive and arrest Oscar for Mia’s murder! The detective tells him it was Sloane who betrayed him. Oscar promises to take her out! Lionel lies about trying to get him out and uses her newfound power to force Sloane into continuing to work for The Devils and to fire Ahsha on Jelena’s behalf. Sloane warns her about Jelena, but is forced to do as she demands. Kyle offers to marry Raquel to make her a United States citizen while Derek cuts his mother off for good. Jude breaks things off with Zero until he agrees to give him what he wants. The latter reveals his real name is Gideon. Terrance goes to surgery with Jelena worrying over his condition, while Derek tells Ahsha’s parents he will fight for her. He may be too late as she has chosen to renew things with German–who also happens to be Olivia’s murderer! He killed her for blackmailing Ahsha with a Red Letter…Season 3 is Summer 2015!


This season finale was a little lackluster, but kept the mantra of the season with the bad guys having the last laugh. Still, who would have guessed German killed Olivia! There are so many questions here. What was Olivia blackmailing Ahsha with? How did he kill her? How did he cover his tracks? Is Ahsha in danger? I guess we will have to wait next year. I do know for sure there must be balance. Be prepared for The Hayes women and other heroes of the show to make a comeback. Good always wins in the end right?


***For a more in depth recap of “Winner Takes All” check out www.HeyMikeyATL.com in “Must See TV Reviews!!!”



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