Hit or Miss!? Tamar Braxton’s “Hot Sugar” A Hot Mess

Tamar Braxton released the visuals to her newest single “Hot Sugar” off of her hit album Love And War. The video plays on the Instagram theme with Tamar launching her own ‘app’Tamartiangram wearing shiny black leggings, gold embellished nails while twirling her ponytail and giving us poses as only “the kids” can in different Tamartiangram filters.

Yes, Tamar is “giving life” and is “snatched” for giving birth a few months ago, this video is whack and it looks cheap. I re-watched to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and I’m not. Vince, can we please redo this video and bring it’s potential out. Thanks!

Do you agree or do you think that Tamar nailed it?



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