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Hit The Floor- “Good D”

Hit The Floor- “Good D”

Hit The Floor begins with Sloane in “protective mother mode” as she makes Ahsha move out for her safety. German helps her pack to move into his place, much to Sloane’s gratitude. Kyle and her friend decide to go to the cabins to “write” their script and hire Raquel as their casting director. At the arena, Terrence runs into Derrick and feels guilty about agreeing to trade him to keep Zero quiet about them purchasing the team. Jelena consoles him, telling him they did what they had to do. Elsewhere, Zero meets with Jude privately and betrays Jelena and Terrence to him. Jude is grateful for the information, but tells him he still wants nothing to do with him until he is ready to give him what he wants. Lionel, enraged, decides to throw a grand party to outbid Terrence and Jelena’s plans. She places Ahsha in charge of the first dance of the season and gives her $200K to pull it off, much to Jelena’s chagrin. She then tells Ahsha to pack her bags and prepare to help her sway the press in Las Vegas. Later, Jelena and Terrence meet with Pete, hoping he will help them purchase the team. Sloane’s bodyguard teaches her how to shoot her illegal gun.

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Sloane voices her reservations about Pete’s alliance with Jelena and Terrence, but he insists Terrence will keep Jelena honest. He encourages her to talk to him. Kyle and her friend start on the script only to keep stopping to have sex. At the arena, Ahsha choreographs the dance with The Devil Girls, but finds some opposition from Jelena. German finds a picture of Derrick in Pete’s office when he goes to update his binder and smashes it. He tells Pete it was an accident. Zero waits for Jude by his car, thanking him for plastering his pictures all over the arena. He in turn tells Zero it was Lionel’s doing and that he is a valuable member of the team. Realizing that he is losing Jude, Zero confesses his love for him, and Jude does the same, but tells him it is not enough if he cannot be with him they he needs him to be. Zero tells him he cannot, Jude speeds off angrily.

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Sloane meets with Terrence and questions him about his relationship with Jelena. He tells her that although she is mean to most she has used her strength and damage to fix him. Sloane agrees he is a good guy, but refuses to back Pete’s decision to help them, feeling Jelena will end up controlling the situation. Raquel arrives at the casting and is impressed by the handsome men there. Elsewhere, Kyle and her friend are exhausted from sex. In Las Vegas, Derrick saves Ahsha from a jerk as she basks poolside. Later, Lionel hosts a press conference about the opening game party and has Ahsha come up to draw the lottery. When the press begins to drill her about her mother and relationship with Derrick, the latter saves her and takes the blame for the demise of their relationship. That night they end up having sex in his room. Jude goes on a date and seems to find a connection.

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Ahsha feels terrible about what has happened between herself and Derrick. She tells him that she will have to tell German. Derrick tells her that the next move is up to her. Kyle arrives to the casting to find Raquel has actually been casting. She finds a dumb actor for her to hook up and sends the rest away. Jude plans his next date after a night of sex. Ahsha tells German they should talk after the game, and arrives at the arena to find Jelena has sabotaged the dance. Later, Jelena, Pete, and Terrence prepare to meet with The League but are stopped when they learn the sell of the team has been paused due to Derrick’s alliance with Lionel. Terrence and Jelena try to make amends him with but he leaves furiously. Pete admonishes Lionel for her wickedness. Elsewhere, Sloane’s bodyguard is forced to resign when she finds a picture of his daughter at her preschool with a red X marked on it. He tells her she should be in police custody. German crashes his car after running a red light due to his lack of sleep lately. At the arena, opening game day begins. Zero reveals his real plan was to get rid of Jelena and Derrick refuses to hear Terrence out. Ahsha manages to improvise an amazing dance. Later, Jude’s date bails on him, telling Zero he is undateable. Sloane decides to enter protective custody, while Ahsha learns German has been in a car accident. She races to his side. Zero tells Jude he told his date not to come and then kisses him in front of everyone. German finally admits to killing Olivia to Ahsha.







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