Hit The Floor- “Killer Crossover”

Hit The Floor begins with Ahsha tending to Derrick’s wounds after his violent confrontation with German. He feels guilty about how they rekindled her relationship. She tells him she made her own decision to be with him again, and that she only went back to German because she wanted to be safe.  Pete visits Sloane in jail and consoles her, he tells her he got rid of the gun and promises to bail her out. At their home, Terrence tells Jelena he could not sleep, as he was thinking about his baby the entire night. She tells him she was only worrying about acquiring the team. He admonishes her for her selfishness, but she tells him that the child is not his and she will prove it. At the arena, Jelena talks with Ahsha and asks her to help mend the rift between their men. She agrees, but only if Jelena makes her captain of The Devil Girls. After their performance, she reluctantly agrees and tells Ahsha about her mother being incarcerated.

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Ahsha races home to check on her mother. There, they both promise the other that she will never spend another night behind bars. Sloane tells her that she must find out who really killed Olivia. Ahsha leaves to find German. She goes by his house, but he is not there. She sees he has broken her dance poles. She calls and begs him to turn himself into save her mother. Jude tells Zero he has found the foster home he grew up and asks him to tell him about his past. Zero resists, but gives in when Jude insist they confront his past together. Kyle and Beau find themselves in hot water when the leaked footage of their movie attracts big investors. They decide to burn the footage, making it impossible to continue the film, thus allowing them to keep the money. Derrick agrees to meet with Terrence for five minutes, much to Jelena’s chagrin. Later, she meets with Renee, the  mother of Terrence’s child for lunch. There, she confronts her and tells her that she is not carrying Terrence’s baby.

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Terrence and Derrick talk face to face. There, Terrence reveals he is about to be a father and asks Derrick to be the child’s godfather. He tells him that Jelena wants him to back their acquisition, but he only wants them to be friends again. Derrick playfully forgives them. Elsewhere, Lionel pokes fun at Jelena about Terrence’s child and that it is a good thing she is no longer the captain of the Devil Girls since she will have to help with the baby. Terrence interrupts and reveals Derrick is now backing them. Lionel has security escort them out! Zero and Jude go to his foster home, there he relives his childhood. Jelena invites Renee over to their home, and there reveals the lattter’s cousin doctored the blood test and that he is not the child of her baby. Terrence becomes furious and demands she leave! He then comments on Jelena’s ferocity and encourages her to confront her childhood by talking to her father. Jude encourages him to let his anger loose; and gives him a sledge hammer to wreck the place. Raquel bumps into German at the arena and notices how angry he is. She alerts Ahsha. German begins to write an apology letter to Pete in his office. He finds Sloane’s illegal gun in his drawer. The police come to take Sloane back to jail. Ahsha and Derrick race to her side. There, German arrives and confesses to Olivia’s murder. Bo reveals he did the movie scam to spend time with Kyle because he loves her after she sets the film footage aflame. She later tells him she loves him too. Kyle arrives home to tell Raquel the good news, but she passes out.

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WHO AM I? That’s probably what you’re thinking? It’s simple I’m this generation’s “Dear Abby!” I was raised in the Fourth Ward of Atlanta, educated in the School of Hard Knocks, and rescued by the concrete and steel of New York City. Life at best will always be bittersweet. The sooner you accept that, the better off you’ll be. I’d prefer to be on your sweeter side. Everyone needs a listening ear, extra shoulder, and open arms when life gets rough. I’m your new best friend, where it all goes south remember I’m a mouse click or tweet away. Hang in there kids, you’re gonna love kickin’ it with me!!! -Michael Jonvier