H&M & Global Citizen for Sustainability


I am going to wear this phrase out until changes occurs so here it goes…the current fashion and manufacturing/textile industry is no longer sustainable. Fast-fashion mega chain H&M is aware of this and is leading a campaign to educate the masses about the need for sustainability in the fashion industry. Additionally, H&M has pledged to increase their sustainability and use of recycled materials to produce clothing.


In efforts to continue to spread the word, H&M and Global Citizen will team up for sustainability and to end poverty. Coldplay and Ed Sheeran designed exclusive t-shirt through the brand.


“I’m really excited to be a part of this exclusive line with H&M and Global Citizen to unite global citizens and get us a step closer to ending extreme poverty!” said Ed Sheeran.


The exclusive t-shirts that are made out of 100% sustainable materials are currently being sold for $9.95 at H&M stores nationwide. Global Citizen will receive a donation of 25% from all sales of the shirts. Also, H&M is encouraging all of their customers to come in and donate their unwanted clothes for recycling. Thus I encourage H&M shoppers to buy sustainable clothing items from the brand’s conscious line and to donate used clothing. Together we can create greater sustainability.


Michelle Gill

Fashion & Beauty Writer

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