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Leading my life and spilling my guts via social media is nothing new in the days where it’s a social norm. Little did I know an amazing company peeped my courage to just be me. I was recently featured in a blog series initiated by The (w)hol(e)box entitled, #dopechickslivingholistically The (w)hol(e)box is a mail subscription program that will send women interested in transitioning into a more natural and holistic lifestyle different products to try with lots of helpful information.


The #dclh series spotlighted different women living their lives while inspiring others in their own individual ways. From healthy organic food and jewelry making, to yoga and crystal healing these ladies were fierce; so, needless to say I was honored to be considered worthy enough to be listed amongst theses women.

I got my box on Monday and was blown away by the wonderful quality items I received. My holbox came right on time because I was fresh out of the gym and opened my package to find the first item on my list:

Thanks !

Thanks for sharing this, you are awesome !

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