#fitfriday: Home Workouts ARE Effective?!

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On social media, we see everyone working out in the gym. Gyms are not for everyone. Ever heard of gym intimidation? Lots of those on a journey choose to workout at home instead of in a gym. Mainly, because of fear of using the equipment wrong or what others may think of them. Having equipment and a routine at home helps to reinforce that “no excuse” attitude when it comes to working out. Inclement weather, gym intimidation, annual fees do not matter when it comes to working out at home!

Here are 8 Reasons to Skip the Gym and Workout at Home:

  1. You can wear whatever you want! You can workout in your pajamas, whatever is comfortable for you. This saves you time and money from shopping for appropriate workout attire.
  2. You can listen to your kind of music! You can listen as loud as you want. No need for headphones! You could even watch your favorite tv show or follow the workout DVD of your choice!
  3. Fancy equipment is NOT NECESSARY! There are bodyweight workouts that are just as effective and will get you in shape. If you do want some items for those workouts, you do not need a FULL GYM! Things like hand weights, weight plates, workout DVDs and YouTube are perfect!
  4. You can practice those dance moves! In between your sets, dance! You wouldn’t do that in the gym, would you? That’s another form of exercise!
  5. You can watch your muscles work! Believe it or not, seeing my muscles working helps me to focus on movements and engaging the muscles properly. At home, I can bare my stomach to see those muscles working – I would never do that in the gym!
  6. You can have a private moment! This journey is emotional. You may be going through a difficult time in life, working out tends to stir up emotions and hormones. This creates some very cleansing, but personal, emotional moments! You can’t do that in public. But you most certainly can let those emotions go at home. 

  7. You’ll be forced to educate yourself about fitness. Having limited equipment at home will force you to get creative and for that, you must educate yourself. Pinterest, YouTube, and google those workouts you want to try and do not be afraid to try them in the comfort of your own home!
  8. You can workout anytime! Regardless of the outside conditions, time of day or night. You can also break up your sessions. If you know that you want to do one hour per day but have children that need your attention! 30 minutes before they get up in the morning; 30 minutes after they have gone to bed! What’s the excuse again?
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We were given one temple and we must honor it with proper nutrition and exercise. So whether you choose to workout in the gym or at home, do what feels right for you and workout! No Excuses!

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