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Hot!! or Not……Beyonce Goes Back To Super Long Box Braids

With summertime drawing near, box braids are the perfect fuss free and protective hairstyle for summer. Beyoncé’s hair is definitely eye catching as she traded in her sultry loose curls for ultra long, honey blonde waist length braids.  She was spotted in NYC Wednesday evening with her hair swept to the side while her tresses grazed the top her thigh.







Now this isn’t an entirely new look as we’ve seen her rock braids countless times in the past, like last years anniversary trip to Cuba.

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After all that Met Gala drama with her hubby Jay-Z and sister Solange  it’s been said that the queen opted for the box braids because she’s preparing for an upcoming vacation. Which leads us to…….will Beyoncé be in Paris for the nuptials of Kim and Kanye or will she be sun bathing on a yacht somewhere?

Anywho, back to her hair. Do We Love This Look On Her?

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