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Hot New R&B Music: Spending ‘Forever’ with Sebastian Mikael

Hot New R&B Music: Spending ‘Forever’ with Sebastian Mikael

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Being able to perform for people all over the globe and you not being from America originally, what has that experience been like for you? “It’s great. It’s really a blessing to be able to do this. Especially being from another country. I usually don’t reflect like that because I don’t get time to think about, but it’s really what I was dreaming about. I had to get out of the mentality against myself and really believe in me. When you stop thinking about it and you just start doing it, it’s definitely great.” I know you were saying that in Sweden they aren’t as open-minded about music as we are here in the U.S. What has that support been like being from Sweden, but pursuiting your music here? Like I said, it’s definitely what I always wanted. Sweden is great for music, they have plenty of talented musicians, but there wasn’t really a market for what I was doing. I’m happy that I can do it on the level I saw myself doing it on. Being able to start here and go back overseas will help me inspire people from where I’m from as well. I definitely want to inspire other artists and people in general who are from where I’m from.” Have you been able to get back home and perform? “No, I haven’t yet. I definitely want to do that though. It will come later on. As a new artist it takes some time, but I’m actually happy that I started my career here in America and then I can go back overseas.”

One of the most inspiring things I feel you can learn about Sebastian Mikael is that he used to be a street performer. While learning more about you, I found that you used to be a street performer. Is that true? “Yeah, back in college I was a street performer,” he shared proudly. A lot of people fail to realize how much courage and passion it takes to be a street performer. That is definitely commendable. “Doing the street performer thing, I just wanted to see people’s reaction to my music. If I couldn’t get big performances or stuff like that I was thinking ‘let me see how people react to my music’. It wasn’t about making money or whatever reason other people start street performing. I just wanted people to hear it. When we actually started making YouTube videos, we took some of the footage from me doing the street performances and we used clips of it in one of the videos and that’s what really got me started.” I came across ‘Beautiful Life’ on YouTube and absolutely loved it–was that the video you’re talking about? Yeah, ‘Beautiful Life‘, that’s the one. That was originally a street performance and then we just took the footage and put the track over it.

I love the message in ‘Beautiful Life’. Understanding the beauty in the potential we have in life is so great. What has been some of the most fulfilling moments in your career so far? People knowing your music when you’re performing is amazing. Also, all the doors that have been opening for me and how I’m growing as an artist and with my team has also been incredible. Being able to walk on 106 and premiere my video, things like that, are also great. Do you have any words of encouragement for those who may be thinking of pursuiting a career similar to yours? “Let people hear your art. Let it motivate you. That’s the best start as a new artist. Don’t wait on a label or other people–because they might not come. If you feel like you have something you want to put out and you’re proud of it, you just have to put it out so you can get that support from those who do like it. That’s how we did it, so I can only speak for myself on that. But that is the advice I would give to those people.”

We can look forward to hearing more from Sebastian Mikael very soon. He shared that he’ll be releasing his EP #WaitingGame in the beginning of April. ‘Waiting Game’ features 5 brand new songs that were recorded after the deadline of his upcoming album. “I didn’t want to hold them back. So it’s going to be a free EP,” he shared. ‘Speechless’ my album will be released June 17th. I’ve been working on that for 2 years and now it’s finally ready and where I want it to be. I’m very excited about that. We are more than excited for all that Sebastian Mikael has in store for the music industry and can’t wait to see and hear more from him!


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