Hot or Hmm… JLo in Emilio Pucci/Kim VS Rita

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Hot or Hmm… JLo in Emilio Pucci/Kim VS Rita

Lawd give me strength! SlayLo aka Fashion Killer just took the breath right from my body with this Emilio Pucci emerald green dress! Though the only picture I could find of her boding these gown is this ‘Look Back At It’ selfie she posted on Instagram. This dress had sexy cut-out sides held together with nothing but gold chains. I’m thinking underwear was not an option.

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Then we have a battle of the latex dresses with Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora! Singer Rita Ora wearing a pink Atsuko Kudo latex midi, nude pumps, and a fur and Kim Kardashian also wearing Atsuko Kudo and a fur and strappy heels. The main difference with the dresses is that Kim’s is a turtleneck and Rita’s has open exposure with a choker like neckline. Did I mention they we both attending an event honoring Madonna at Annabel’s in London. Wowzers! That’s like going to prom and seeing someone with the same dress as you. It’s not much you can do about but look fab and walk around owning the room as if you didn’t even notice.


What’s your opinion? Let us know who you think wore it better in the comments!

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