Hot Or Not? Lil Kim Performs At Atlanta’s Club Rain

If you didn’t know, Atlanta’s Black Pride was this weekend and celebs turned up and turned out. Well, well rapper Lil Kim and friends (Maia Campbell, Keri Hilson and Tiffany Foxx) held down Club Rain. Lil Kim performed to a sold out crowd. NONE of this is the “issue” the issue is what Kimberly Jones was wearing. Lil Kim never really had an eye for fashion in the first place but it seems like ever since she was released from prison, her look has changed so drastically.

I’m not the one to count anyone’s coins BUT she looks like she shopped at Chapel’s Beauty Supply store and bought her makeup there as well. I have to give deep sighs whenever I see Kimberly Jones out and about. How do you like her look?

SN: What happened to Maia? I hope she’s still on the fix my life plan.

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