The Hottest Street Style from Runway Models

The industry’s top models are draped and styled in designer for a living.

Due to their high profiles, these models need to remain fashionable during their off duty days as well. Hiring the most innovative stylists, in collaboration with their own fashion sense, creates the most on-trend looks imaginable. Being ‘married’ to the fashion game leaves so much room for personal styling inspiration for models who are in high demand.

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The names Maeve Reilly, Elizabeth Sulcer, and Monica Rose may not seem familiar to you.

These are the names of the style architects behind these amazing street style looks sported by models around the world. With their hectic schedules, models such as Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner have very little time to shop around. Hiring a personal stylist helps these ladies in many ways. Their stylists listen to and analyze who they are, and the image that they hope to portray to the world. Keeping up with the hottest new trends and creating innovative ways to style them are the reasons these stylists remain high in demand.

Hailey Baldwin

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Creating a chic and comfortable image for Hailey Baldwin, stylist, Maeve Reilly styled her in three key looks.

The objective behind her image is to ensure she is able to move around freely throughout the day, without feeling restricted. Look one features a Dior knit layered over a white button down, paired with denim cut off’s. Paired with black combat boots, Vetements logo socks, and a Gucci Marmont Crossbody Bag. Keeping it cool and clean, Baldwin appears trendy and comfortable for a day on the town. Maeve Reilly is know for styling her clients with fearless attitude, edge and a touch of elegance.

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Styled in the Filles a Papa tracksuit, paired with Bubblegum Gucci slides, a vintage Gucci handbag and a classic white tee.

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Styled in a Meshki Saskia strapless latex dress, Casadai heels, and a leather biker jacket.

Bella Hadid

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Compiling luxurious and decadent looks for Bella Hadid, stylist, Elizabeth Sulcer styled her in three effortless looks.

The secret to Hadid’s look is the harmony between her grunge vibe and her cunning street-sexy facade. Look one features a sleek mini dress (in Black), Off-White thigh high’s and a Dior Handbag. Adding street style to her sexy, Hadid is decked out in gold chains, hoop earrings and stacked gold bracelets. Pumping the sex appeal, Hadid’s look remains flawless for a night on the town. Remaining known for her ability to ‘do’ sexy, Sulcer is responsible for creating custom pieces for Victoria’s Secret models. She’s known for taking risks with sex appeal, which led to Hadid ‘freeing the nipple’ earlier this year.

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Styled in a blue denim bralette, paired with a pair of high waist, denim bootcut’s. This is paired with a classic white gym shoe, a button down used as a jacket and clear glasses.

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Styled in a Kreist button down used as a jacket, a white crop toop, denim cutoffs and Dear Frances sandals.

Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner 1501351879

Composing looks filled with edge and a tomboy aesthetic, stylist, Monica Rose styles Kendall Jenner in three street-savvy looks.

With a high profile client such as Kendall Jenner, there has to be a science revolving around the looks chosen for her. Creating looks for the entire Kardashian family, Rose creates an overall image of tomboy-luxe that hones in heavily on street style realness. Look one features a striped sport’s romper, with a cinched waist. Paired with traditional white sneakers and sleek shade, Jenner exudes the feelings of edge, a good mix of femininity and masculinity and exclusivity.

hbz kendall jenner floral shirt 1501606190

Styled in a mesh turtleneck, denim cutoffs, strappy sandals and a Louis Vuitton fanny pack.

hbz kendall jenner red top 1 1501519411

Styled in a Bed+Brige top, denim, Stuart Weisman boots and a Dior handbag.

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