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House No. 3028 : The New Generation of Nude Pumps

Rihanna gave us 40 shades of skin tones. Now meet the shoe brand stocking us with different shades of brown.

Photographer: Nailah Howze

Searching thousands of products to find the perfect nude can be rather overwhelming. Hues of color have been underrepresented in the fashion industry. When monochromatic hit the fashion world, women of color embraced this sophisticated trend. Yet, designers failed their consumers by not supplying options to meet their various shades.


House No. 3028 Nude Shoes for Brown Women
Photo: House No.3028

House No. 3028 designs with the busy women of color in mind.


Color 6
Photo: The Los Angeles Post
Color 5
Photo: The Los Angeles Post

Embracing the diversity among melanin women with a collection of pumps. House No. 3028 launched November 2016. The sister and brother duo, Thressa Smith and Norrell Casey, make fashionable nude shoes available to women of color. Based out of Oakland, California the duo focuses on the inclusion of women of color.


888 House No. 3028 Nude Shoes for Brown Women
Photo: House No.3028

A capsule collection of affordable vegan shoes with the quality craftsmanship of a high-end designer heel. These beautiful nudes shoes feature non-slip rubber grip soles and memory foam insoles to provide comfort without sacrificing the style. By providing arch support with extra memory padding, the function of a rubber grip sole, and a seamless coordinating color all over House No. 3028 provides the one shoe that customers can wear all day everyday and anywhere. As a better way to pair each perfect nude for each customer, each shoe is made to order. Talk about exclusive, sleek, sexy and simple.


Screen Shot 2017 10 10 at 8.15.13 PM

House No. 3028 Presents the Nu Generation of Nudes Pop Up Shop to showcase their new collection of nude heels in 4.75” in their hometown, Oakland California.


Color 3
Photo: The Los Angeles Post

Stocked in browns of multiple shades, these reasonable heels can be yours with at a retail price of $75. With names like Cinnamon, Pecan, Cacao, Brownie, and Honey how can one say no to a pair? Offering a wide range of nude heels in six shades customized for women of color in sizes 5-12.


Offered in three heel heights: 2”. 3”, and 4” these patent leather heels have a surprise coming this fall/winter. The duo announced they have many plans for the upcoming year, issuing natural leather, sandals, and higher heel options

Be sure to use the code: KONTROL  to get an extra 15% off of your perfect ‘nude’ pump.

For additional information on House No: 3028, visit

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