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How Social Media Has Influence Over Sports and its Motivation

How Social Media Has Influence Over Sports and its Motivation

Social media has always played a massive role in getting the message across, keeping people motivated, and keeping people in the know of what’s happening. The same truth stands regarding social media, its role in sports, and how it shares news, such as the FIFA World Cup standings.

Today we take a deeper look into how social media adds motivation to sports and take a deeper look into what social media does for sports in general.

Young athlete in training on sports field taking the time on his smartwatch

What social media does for sports

Social media is used as a passage of communication that allows a large number of people to receive one idea. In sports, there are various reasons why companies would use social media as a tool to get a specific idea across. Below we take a look at the different reasons why social media can be used in sports.

Group of happy sports fans following the match results on mobile phone in bar.

Sporting events

Social media can be used to bring awareness to specific sports events. Like any other business, sports needs support and finances. For many, social media brings about the opportunity to reach the right target market and audience. It’s an easy way for people to find out information, and this is why many people involved in sports use it as an avenue, especially when it comes to events concerning sports.

For the most part, social media is an easy way to push people to not only attend events but also to circulate information about the event within their circle.

Social media also makes it so much easier to place information, such as links to places to purchase tickets or links that will provide people with more information.

Create motivation over certain events

Although we may not like to admit it, social media plays a significant role in the motivation of a particular event. The truth is that when we see others signing up, speaking, or even commenting on specific sports events, it creates curiosity.

The more interest a post brings up, the more people tend to engage with the base and want to find out more. The more people comment on their availability or past experiences, the more other people see the need to join and attend.

Social media

Brings forth engagement

We’re usually very drawn to pages, blogs, or things that speak to our hearts. At large social media is used as a tool to get people to engage with specific ideas. This is done through a type of pole of votes, asking questions, competitions, or even raffles.


Sports fans in a huddle at a tailgate event
All of this is done in an attempt to bring awareness and also create the notion that the event will be something fun and enjoyable to do. The more people engage with the post; the more others are drawn towards wanting to find out what is happening.




It is also for this reason that companies use social media to gauge their target audience and see if what they are trying to execute will be a success or a failure.

Social media addiction

Tips and tricks when looking for sports posts

Unfortunately, it isn’t all social media posts that ring true. Many social media posts, especially about sports events, are used to share highly inaccurate information. Below we look at a few tips and tricks to help you find the correct sports event posts.

Firstly, always try finding a social media page or account that you know is reliable. When we attend sports events, we may be asked to purchase things such as tickets and many more. This leads to us sharing vital information such as credit card information, ID or license pictures, personal addresses, and many more. The information provided could possibly leave personal information exposed, leading to fraud and theft.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to do some research. Oftentimes significant sporting events are seen as the perfect place for criminals to get their share. When attending something happening out of town, always try your best to sort out things such as your transport, accommodation, etc. We often find out that it’s in the little things that big things happen.


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