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How To Be A Better Spouse & Improve Your Marriage

How To Be A Better Spouse & Improve Your Marriage


Your marriage isn’t going to get better on its own. You and your spouse both have to participate and give it your all for it to work. It can’t be one person’s job to hold the union together. It will get exhausting and likely lead to more arguments between the two of you.

It is why it’s very important for you both to be equally committed to your relationship. You’re in this together and have to be involved for it to progress into the type of marriage you desire. You’ll be glad to know you can always improve your situation, and it doesn’t have to remain how it is.

Give your Undivided Attention

You need to listen when your spouse is talking. It’s not enough to be slightly tuned in and doing other tasks while you nod. Make it a point to change your body language and position yourself in a way that makes it easy to hear what the other person is saying. Repeat back the important points, make eye contact and be engaged in the conversation. This way you won’t get caught in a bind later when they ask you what they said, and you can’t remember because you weren’t paying attention. Instead, you’ll know exactly what came out of their mouth because you were fully attentive.

Initiate the Romance

Both parties have to be good about initiating romance in your relationship. It can’t always be one person doing all the work. Set up a romantic dinner, go to the beach or have an exciting evening in the bedroom. Don’t worry if he’s had trouble in the past. The Bathmate hydro penis pump is the answer and will help you two connect and have a more enjoyable time as a couple. The more romantic you are outside the bedroom, the better experience you’ll have when it’s time to turn it on behind closed doors.

Be Honest

Honesty should always be top of mind for both of you. Lying to your partner is setting you up for complications and fights down the road. You two committed to always telling the truth to each other when you got married, and that shouldn’t change as the year’s progress. In fact, hopefully, you’ll grow closer together and won’t have any interest in telling lies to the other person. It’s best to be honest in all situations, even instances you view as insignificant, and that is more of a fib than a lie. This way there will be nothing to hide, and you can focus on what truly matters.

Care for yourself

Although it’s nice to take care of each other when you’re sick, remember that it’s each person’s responsibility to focus on their own well-being when they’re healthy. Well-being includes getting proper sleep, exercising and eating right. You’re not each other’s caretakers, you’re husband and wife, and that means you should each step up and take charge of nurturing your mind, body and spirit. If it helps you, do it together by joining the same gym, meditating as a couple and going to church on the weekends.

Be Proactive & Help out

It’s good to get a system down that works for you two. It could mean splitting up the chores and figuring out what each person’s responsible for on a daily basis. The more each other pitches in and helps out, the smoother your life’s going to be. Between kids, work and home tasks it’s a lot for one person to manage. Talk about it and hash out a plan that each person views as fair and balanced. It’s also not a bad idea to go the extra mile and surprise the other person once in a while by cleaning the house or cooking dinner.

Have an Interest in your Spouses’ Activities

You’ll be a better spouse when you show an interest in what your partner’s doing on a regular basis. Understand what they do and don’t like and where they’re spending their free time. Get to know what they enjoy about their work and the hobbies and activities that spark their interest. Living separate lives and not paying attention to what the other person is up to will eventually take a toll on your marriage. It’s also a good idea to find a hobby or two you both like to do together, and that will help you find some common ground.

Unplug at Home & Take Time Away from the Office

Always being connected to your phone or computer while you’re at home will take away from your marriage. You’re likely on your devices all day long at work, so use your time at home to decompress and reduce stress by connecting with your spouse and family. Also, make an effort to have a balanced work and home life by setting boundaries at the office and not spending all your time there. It’s also not good for your mental health if you’re continuously working overtime.

Communicate your Gratitude & Feelings

Communication is what you need to improve your marriage. Hash out your differences and talk about anything that’s bothering you right away before it builds up. Speak up and compliment the other person and let them know why you’re grateful to have them in your life. These little moments of gratitude and expressing your feelings add up and create a stronger bond between the two of you. Say what’s on your mind right away. Don’t hold in your positive observations and let the moment pass.

It’s always possible to try harder and do better, including when it comes to your marriage. Be proactive and work together to strengthen your relationship. Nothing is stopping you from doing so other than yourselves. Use these tips to put you on the right path to improving your marriage and living a more peaceful life together. It’s never too late to start again and get to a better place. Communicate, listen and support one another through the ups and downs.


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