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How To be an All-Star in All-White

What is summer without an all-white party … or 2, or 3? I am sure if you have not attended an all-white party that you will be attending one before the summer’s end.

Personally any party that requires me to dress in the same color as hundreds of other people. Generally I tend to shy away from those types of events. However, there is something about the clean and crisp appearance of an all-white outfit that gets my fashion loving-self going.

Here are my top tips to be an All-Star in All-White:

  1. Texture

I love texture! Texture will add dimension and interest to your ensemble. It will keep your outfit from looking flat.


  1. Tone

Not all whites are created equal. The color white comes in various tones from ivory, cream, champagne to ecru. Thus when pairing white separates make sure that all items are paired complimentarily.


  1. Play with Proportions

Proportions and playing with them is the one trick that can turn your outfit from basic to high-fashion. This means layering long over short, tight over loose and heavy over light.


  1. Shoes Should Accentuate

While you probably don’t want to wear white shoes with your outfit you also don’t want to wear a super bright color or pattern. Doing so will distract from your outfit. You want the outfit to steal the shoe so keep your shoe color neutral meaning metallic, nude or blush tones.




 Title picture from Australian stylist and blogger Micah Gianneli.

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