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How To Choose A Lock For An Entrance Door

How To Choose A Lock For An Entrance Door

Even the strongest and most reliable entrance door cannot provide the expected level of security and protection without a proper lock. Strong steel door and flimsy wooden door become equally vulnerable to intruders if a weak lock is installed on them. So, what kind of lock should you choose for your apartment for it to be reliably protected and what mechanism to choose?

Cylinder locks

A cylinder lock is a popular variant but not the best solution for the entrance door; it’s easy for a more or less experienced thief to pick or break this mechanism.

Cylinder locks are easy to use and their replacement will also not cause a hassle. Even if the keys were lost, you won’t have to replace the entire lock, which can be problematic. It is enough just to replace the core and the lock will reliably protect your apartment. Judging by the whole set of distinctive features of this type of locks you may judge that it is not a bad variant for the entrance door in an apartment, but you may pay attention to the mechanisms with additional protection.


Lever locks

This type of lock is difficult to be broken even with the help of physical force, for they possess the best antivandalism properties among all the other locking mechanisms. Besides, the locksmith in Zionsville Indiana recommends equipping the lever locks with armored plates that increase the security level and ensures reliable protection of the entrance door. It is true that if the keys are forgotten or lost in the apartment, opening the door with such a lock is not an easy thing, but it is hardly a minus since this fact is a good proof of the lock’s reliability. Another inconvenience is the necessity to close the door from both sides with the key.


Electronic locks

Electronic locks are not the worst option for the entrance door and in some cases they are very nice and reliable. Such electronic locks have appeared recently and still cost a lot. That is why not everyone may afford such protection. They are not very popular and are not met very often, so the majority of intruders simply do not know how to open such lock. Having seen such a mechanism, many thieves will just abandon their attempts of illegal penetration into the apartment, which is actually necessary to achieve.

The electronic lock has no keys in the traditional sense of the word. It can be opened by the code, remote control, a card or even a fingerprint. By the way, the last option is the least preferable, because in this case the lock is very easy to open, if you just attach the photo of the owner’s finger to the photo cell, where all the fingerprints are clearly seen.


In addition, many electronic locks can be controlled by apps on a smartphone or computer, and this is a unique feature that is not available to other types of mechanisms. All of this makes an electronic lock a very good option for your front door.


While choosing a lock, you should also take into consideration the construction of the door, to be exact, how thick the steel plates of the door frame are. So, if their thickness is less than 4 mm, a big lock is not the best choice because it deforms the door, so you will need to look for door repair in Delta area. If the door is not thick and powerful, the massive locks that are sliding in two or even four sides are not an option, because the door leaf will be badly worn out during the frequent use.


The choice of a lock for the entrance door is a responsible thing and there is no place for economy, because even a powerful steel door is not a burglary protection if, for example, a simple lock is installed.



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