How To: Colorful Smokey Eye Edition


Every woman at one time or another needs a how to guide to something. Most women love to do a nice smokey eye for a night out or a hot date or even a photoshoot. When you think of a smokey eye you think grays, blacks, and whites, but have you ever thought to try a colorful “smokey” eye?! Who would’ve even thought of that; to put color on with a smokey eye kind of technique? So how do you accomplish this? Where the how to guide? How do you do it?! To make it easier you can use and eye shadow quad palette or if you are more experienced with color application and theory you are free to choose your own set of four colors. you want to go from light to dark. Illuminate, enrich, frame, and then intensify.

How To: Colorful “Smokey Eye”


Step one: First you want to illuminate your high with your lightest color. Apply the shade across your lid from lash line to brow bone.

Step two: Then, you want to enrich and enhance your eye color with your brightest most saturated color. Sweep your eyelid with this pop of color.


Step three: Next, you want to frame your eyes with a darker shade by blending the shade in your crease and along the outer half of your eyelid.

Steo four: Lastly, you want to intesify your eye color with the darkest shadow out of your four colors. Apply the shadow along your lash line with an emphasis on the outer corner.


Tenekeyia Esjuante

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