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How to Cure a Hangover

It’s 11 a.m. on a week day and your head’s still banging from the night before. The day’s slowly passing you by. How do you get rid of that nauseated, hammer feeling? Bill Cosby’s knows how to cure a hangover…

TMZ caught up with comedian last week at a chili restaurant he was promoting in Arlington, Virginia. The camera person asked the 76-didn’t lose his wit-year-old what the best meal to eat after a hangover was and he instantly responded, “chili.”

While Cosby’s response was probably just a clever way to incorporate what he was working on, the protein in the beans actually is a great cure for hangovers. Chipotle usually does the trick, but there are so many other foods that aid in recovery as well. Check out these six:

1. Bread
Wholegrain bread, the most commonly known remedy before, during and after alcoholic consumption, contains detoxifying vitamin B that helps rid side effects.

2. Water
Hangover symptoms are usually signs of dehydration. Rehydrate with lots of room temperature water.

3. Chocolate
Weird, but yes! Because of the potassium. You lose it fast doing all that urinating and the loss causes you to feel weak.

4. Fruit
Replenishing your body with vitamin C is easy on the stomach and boosts your energy while the natural sugars help raise your blood sugar level.

5. Gingerale
This soda helps sooth your turning stomach.

6. Wasabi
It’s hot and nasty but it’ll sure get your blood circulating. So much, that its oxygenation of cells help quickly remove toxins causing your head to pound.

**And when in doubt, play hooky and go back to sleep. Easy enough?

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