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People seem to think that denim is such a tricky thing to style when it’s not concerning jeans. Denim has to be the easiest thing to style. This is due to the simple fact that denim can be worn in so many different ways. I wear denim like it’s another. It is such a versatile item of clothing.

The denim vest is my favorite denim article of clothing to style for simple fact that it can seriously be paired with any and everything. It can be paired with something casual or something a little more dressy. Denim vests can truly save an outfit or give it that little extra push it needed to be a really cute outfit!

When some people think about denim vests they automatically think about like a cow boy or girl or just country, but it doesn’t always have to be styled that way. Here are some of he many ways that denim vests can be styled.










Denim vests can can be styled and paired with an assortment of outfits! Don’t be afraid to do denim on denim whether it’s pants or shorts. That has been in for a while! Pair it with a cute mini dress or skirt, maxi skirt or dress, even a romper or a jumpsuit would do the trick! Crop tops x Denim vests are all the rage! High waisted denim, linen pants, skirts, shorts, etc. They all look good paired with a denim vest! Use a pop of color in your bottoms or shoes with a neutral top or break up your neutral palette of black, gray, and or white! Try it with stripes! Go oversized! Denim vests paired with lace, crotchet or floral will always get the job done right! All in all you can keep it casual, go country, or dress it up and a denim vest will still do you justice!

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