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How To Get Away With Murder- “Meet Bonnie”

How To Get Away With Murder begins with a flash forward of Bonnie with Asher, pleading for him not to turn her in. In the present, Asher and his father meet with Emily to negotiate his immunity. Emily agrees to grant him immunity for spying on her, but tells them he must testify against Annalise on their behalf. Asher agrees. At the house, Annalise gets Frank to find out what Wes and Nate are up to, revealing she knows they are corroborating. They also know he is working with Luke, investigating Rebecca’s disappearance. The interns trust in Annalise dips as Connor tells them that she is holding his car to keep him in line. Connor, Laurel, and Michaela become more suspicious of Wes frequent absences. Wes meets with Luke to interrogate the groundskeeper at the cemetery about what is going on between he and Frank. Luke pulls a gun on him and demands answers, much to Wes’s chagrin. The groundskeeper tells them he only knows Frank asked to borrow his storage unit.

laurel and frank hey mikey atl

Back at the office, things heat up between Laurel and Frank as she seduces him in the basement. They have sex while everyone else is working. Annalise gets Bonnie to assist her in stopping Asher. She meets with him privately and lies saying that she killed Sam after he tried to rape her. Asher believes she slept with him initially as an alibi for that night and feels sorry for her. She lies again telling him it was an alibi at first, but she later fell for him. Annalise and Emily face in the judge’s chambers as the former tries to get Ms. Hapstall’s confession stricken from the record as it has been discovered she lied on Caleb and Catherine. The judge gives her five hours to come up with something to bring that will bring Ms. Hapstall into question. Annalise gets the interns on the job. Michaela goes through police footage that Oliver illegally obtained for them. There, they discover Ms. Hapstall was a racist and called her niece and nephew; mongrels, Oriental, and a mulatto, respectively. Caleb walks in and sees everything. He is hurt to learn his aunt was a racist, and thought she loved them. Michaela tries to comfort him to no avail.

caleb hapstall how to get away with murder hey mikey atl

In court, however, the judge tosses out the evidence, believing it was illegally obtained and allows Ms. Hapstall’s testimony. Catherine lashes out at the judge, feeling she should know what they are feeling because she is Black. She empathizes with them but tells them her personal feelings cannot obstruct the law. Later, Bonnie calls Annalise to tell her she has failed to sway Asher after Annalise has just finished pinning Sam’s murder on her to Nate. Laurel, Connor, and Michaela trail Wes as he meets up with Luke. They feel he is up to no good with Annalise. He reveals that Luke is Rebecca’s foster brother, much to everyone’s dismay. The police pull up and ask Luke to open his trunk. There, they find two bags of meth and take him away. Luke insists it does not belong to him. Wes and the others head to Frank’s storage and use the key he stole earlier from Frank to open it. They find a suitcase and assume Rebecca’s corpse is in it. Instead, they find cash. Wes is disappointed and the others tell him to let Rebecca go. Elsewhere, Annalise shows Asher a tape of Bonnie being sexually assaulted by her father as a child. Flash forward, we see Bonnie pulling up to a gas station and cleaning blood off of her. She returns to her car and finds Asher gone. He has appeared at a police precinct ready to make a confession!

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