How To Get Away With Murder- “She’s Dying”

How To Get Away With Murder with a flash forward as Wes meets Michaela and Laurel in the woods running from the scene where Annalise was shot. He inquires about Connor’s whereabouts, who we see is standing over Annalise telling her this was all her fault. In present time, Annalise questions her clients about their aunt’s murder. They insist they were home they entire, but Annalise can tell they are lying. Elsewhere, Wes’s landlord questions him about Rebecca’s whereabouts and offers for him to go through her things before he throws them out. The next morning, Annalise briefs the interns on what is happening with Caleb and Catherine. She also warns Bonnie if she does anything else wrong she will be the next murder victim. Michaela decides to go to Annalise’s trial much to Wes, Laurel, and Connor’s dismay. Before Asher can find out what they are talking out, Connor reveals Oliver has HIV and that he still plans to sleep with him–a lot. Asher takes the bait and tries to dissuade him. Annalise meets with Eve to discuss Nate’s case, they reminisce and flirt, discussing affairs. In court, the prosecutor reveals that Annalise and Eve knew each other before the latter took on Nate’s case. Eve does not deny it, claiming they were only classmates, and argues the prosecutor down. The prosecutor accuses her of collusion with Annalise and accuses her helping her kill her husband.

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Back at the house, Frank confronts Bonnie about murdering Rebecca, commending her for using a plastic bag. She begs him to stop, not feeling she can take his inquiries. Annalise calls and orders Frank to find out what else the prosecution knows about her. In court, Annalise is put on the stand and questioned about her sexual relationship with Nate. Eve tries to stop the questioning, but the judge permits it. During recess, Michaela is approached by a guy named Levi, wanting to get her number. She rebuffs his advances believing he might be a criminal. Elsewhere, Bonnie and Asher question Caleb and catherine’s maid who states she, nor the rest of the staff, had seen the siblings on the night their aunt was murdered. Meanwhile, Laurel and Frank receive some info from one of his informants. Bonnie delivers it to Annalise in court, telling her they found Caleb’s DNA in his aunt’s car at the crime scene.

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Annalise meets with the interns, together they form a game plan to get the truth from Caleb and Catherine. Wes agrees to work Catherine and reveals the evidence of her brother’s DNA to her. He fakes backtracking and then questions her whereabouts. She realizes he is trying to play her, but he insists on straight answers. Bonnie interrogates Caleb, but he insists they are being set up. In court, the prosecution (The DA) continues to berate and question Annalise, inciting a tongue lashing. Her temper makes the court wonder did she actually murder her husband. Bonnie puts the interns to work to find a defense for their clients. Oliver surprises them there, happy to meet everyone. Asher blows everything when he reveals he knows about his HIV status. Oliver leaves angrily. Connor tries to comfort him to no avail. In the courtroom, Annalise states she believes Nate killed her husband. Nate angrily refuses to go along with her fight story, and when Eve tries to inform her they narrowly avoid the DA’s gaze. Later, Eve questions Annalise and accuses her of trying to frame Nate. Annalise remains silent.

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Annalise returns home angrily where Frank reveals Eve turned on her. Frank and Bonnie discuss their next move, but Michaela gives them the notion that the police planted Caleb’s DNA at the crime scene. Oliver hacks into the police’s database and discovers they created a second, false report. Bonnie presents the evidence to Annalise who berates her for not being decisive and declares they all need protecting from her. Annalise delivers the evidence to the court and Caleb and Catherine are freed. She warns them never to lie to her again or she will take them down. Back at Nate’s pre-trial the judge dismisses the DA’s case based on her focus on Annalise. She also frees Nate, Annalise looks on happily. Later, Connor tells Oliver the only way they can get past everything was for him to hurt him and reveal how he was infected. He reveals after he cheated on him he hooked up with a random guy and acquired it then. Connor blames himself. Eve visits Annalise and apologizes for attacking her in court. Annalise tells her she hurt her and asks why she made the attack so personal. Eve admits part of her still loves her, and that she hates that she still has her. Annalise apologizes for hurting her and tells her she is the most beautiful thing to ever happen to her. They embrace and kiss. Elsewhere, Laurel goes to see Frank. There, he heavily flirts with and dismisses her. Annalise and Eve have sex while while We returns home. Levi and Michaela go on a date, it is revealed he knows Rebecca. The DA meets with Asher, and tell him she is the new prosecutor on Caleb and Catherine’s case. Eve asks Annalise to return to New York with her. She says she will think about it, and kisses her. Nate sees her. Flash forward and Connor is standing over Annalise’s body saying “She’s Dying.” Wes, Michaela, and Laurel convince him to leave her. They run past The DA’s body on the way out!


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