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How To Get Away With Murder- “What Did We Do?”

How To Get Away With Murder- “What Did We Do?”

How To Get Away With Murder begins with Annalise lying on the floor in her own blood with a shot to the stomach. Flashing back Michaela calls Wes, Connor, and Laurel to show them the gun Caleb has found. They believe it belongs to Catherine, and tell them that she also knew Philip before her parents were murdered. Catherine learns of their discovery and leaves the house. The interns call Annalise for advice. When she arrives she admonishes them for tampering with the evidence and has Frank track down Catherine. She tells Caleb he must decide if either he or Catherine will remain her client, since representing them both now would be a conflict of interest. Meanwhile, Asher tries to call his father to check on him when the newspaper reports him covering up the gang rape. Emily continues her vendetta against Annalise through Nate, accusing him of altering Phillip’s profile to help Annalise so that she can murder more people like she did Nia. Nate becomes angry and yells at her, warning her to never speak of his wife again. He calls to tell Annalise he may be getting fired since Emily is filing a harassment suit against him, feeling she is no longer safe.

nate lahey hey mikey atl

kendrick sampson hey mikey atl
Caleb Hapstall

Annalise tells the interns that Emily is on her way to the house and tells Caleb to leave. She will Emily through the crime scene and give her a new story that will incriminate Catherine. Caleb is hesitant, not wanting to abandon his sister. At the precinct, before he can be fired, Nate files a racial discrimination suit again Emily. She meets with Nate and apologizes for angering him, and asks him to help her put Annalise behind bars. Bonnie arrives to confront Annalise about Asher’s dad, learning he has committed suicide. She breaks the news to Asher. He remains calm at first, going over the funeral arrangements with his mother until she blows up at him, blaming him for his father’s death. She disowns him and makes him leave. He breaks down in his car and then goes to confront Emily. He finds her in a parking lot and after a heated conversation he runs her over with his car! Annalise has a panic attack over what has happened with Asher’s father, Nate’s job, and the Hapstall case. Frank uses the pills Nia committed euthanasia with to keep Catherine unconscious after he kidnaps her.

asher how to get away with murder hey mikey atl

Bonnie comes to his aide and tells him he has killed Emily. They load her in the trunk of Bonnie’s car and then head to the Hapstall home. Frank tracks Catherine to a cheap hotel outside the city. Annalise lies to the interns and tells them to wait in the house while she meets Bonnie and Asher outside. They bring in Emily’s body and try to get the others to help him. They all refuse and try to leave, prompting Annalise to reveal their part in Sam’s death. They agree to help and carry her body upstairs. None of them have the stomach to carry her to the balcony, especially Connor who leaves. Annalise tries to get them to shoot her in the leg, making it look like Emily attacked her and the forensics will buy into their faux crime scene. They all refuse, despite Annalise goading them. She finally tells Wes that Rebecca is dead! He shoots her in the stomach instead of the leg! Nate heads towards the Hapstall house at Nate’s request. Elsewhere, Bonnie and Asher put the car through the car wash while Annalise is left on the floor bleeding out. Wes prepares to shoot her again until she begins to whisper “Kristoff.” We flash back ten years and see Eve and Annalise staring at him through a one sided window as he talks to a detective. Eve asks Annalise “What Did We Do?”



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