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How to Get the Wedding Cake of Your Dreams Without Breaking the Bank

How to Get the Wedding Cake of Your Dreams Without Breaking the Bank


Weddings are some of the most beautiful moments. They are filled with love and happiness. Unfortunately, if you want to have the wedding of your dreams, you should know that it can be pretty expensive. You have to take into consideration the location, the music, flowers, and the cake, of course. When it comes to the cake, there are a lot of things that can raise its price.

While some might think that the cake is the most affordable thing on their wedding list, this might not be the case. On Cakes Price you can see all the information you need for different bakeries and decide which one is the best for you. Here you can also find different designs that might appeal to you. In this article we are going to give you some tips on how to get the best wedding cake without spending too much.

Make a Budget List

The most important thing when planning your wedding is to decide which is your budget. After you decided how much you can afford to pay for your dream wedding, you need to stick to that amount of money. In order to do so, make a budget list.

This means that you need to put everything you need on a list, from the location to the cake and decide a budget for every item. For instance, a wedding cake for about 100 guests can cost between $600 to $20.000. Decide how much you can spend on the cake and then try to stick to that price.

Be upfront about the budget

You need to tell the cake store what your budget is before they start making you cake. Once they know your budget, they will know what frostings and toppings to show you. Also, if you want your cake to be a surprise you can tell the colors and a basic model along with the number of guests and the bakery will know what to do for you.

Bakers know how much a cake is going to cost before they make it. They will also help you pick the best design and ingredients if some of your guests have allergies. When you are upfront about the budget, you don’t risk spending a fortune on your wedding cake.

Find out the prices in your area

Before you decide to go to a certain bakery, you should find out the average prices in your town. Usually, in bigger towns, the prices are bit higher. This is why you need to see how much bakeries in your area charge per slice. Also, be aware of the decoration and the frosting. If you want something a bit fancier you should know that the price rise with every decoration.

Be flexible

As we mentioned earlier, the bakeries will show you the decorations they can put on the cake in order to keep the cake in the budget. You need to be flexible and not to expect a lot of hand paintings or sugar flowers because they are very hard to make and more expensive. Choose budget-friendly decorations that appeal to you. After all, it is your wedding cake we are talking about.

See which of their decorations and frostings your like and then ask if they can fit them in your budget. Try not to go a lot over budget. Sometimes those who are planning a wedding tend to go overbudget with some things and then they have to cut the budget for other important items like the flowers or the decorations.

One bold accent piece and a simple design

A budget-friendly cake is the one with a simple design and a center bold accent piece. Choose only one bold decoration such as a small cluster of sugar flowers or hand-piper lace to match your dress. The rest of the cake should have a simple design in order to keep it classic and not clustered. This is going to keep things in the budget and also give a more interesting look to the cake.

These are just a few tips that are going to help you have your wedding dream cake without spending a fortune on it. Talk to your significant other and get their opinion too. Also, make sure that all of your guests can take a slice and that they are not allergic to one of the ingredients. If you want to make the cake even more budget-friendly go for a smaller one surrounded by cupcakes. They are cute and give a nice touch to the design.


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