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How to Impress Your Date, With (No) Wine Knowledge

How to Impress Your Date, With (No) Wine Knowledge

Every person on earth takes someone on a date on one occasion or another. During the date, nothing is stressing than trying to impress your date. For the men, nothing is disturbing than having a date with a winebibber. Finding that wine that will impress her is usually a challenge. Although, not every woman like wine. But, not many will say no to a glass of wine or even a bottle based on the occasion.


Without saying much, here are ways you can impress your date or significant other with or without wine knowledge.

1.     Research

Knowing more about your date is the best way to ensure that the wine date remains a success. Do a little digging and know which varietal and brands he or she loves. Know the wine basics such as the grape varieties, pricing, favorite labels, and famous regions. The info can help you in picking a date location that offers his or her favorite wine.

2.     Consult the waiter

With all the info at your fingertips, there is still a long way to go because there will always be a variety of choices to select. It’s at this point that you ask for help from the waiter serving you. Allow your date to order the food. Then, consult with the waiter to see which wine is suitable for the requested meal. Asking the waiter is more comfortable than trying to remember the type of wine you took the last time you were out together.

3.     Be confident

Platforms such as Slick Kook will tell you that men are not good with keeping names. The wine names, for example, are at times complicated to comprehend. So, many are times you might find yourself pronouncing the name wrong. However, the pronunciation shouldn’t trouble you. At times, even the talented wine tasters say a few wines wrong. Therefore, you must make the order in confidence. You will be surprised that your date will not even note that you said the name wrong.

4.     Taste the wine like a pro

By now, you have already impressed your partner with the wine selection. It’s time to show him or her your wine tasting prowess. But, remember you’re on a date and not a wine tasting competition. So, don’t overdo the sampling. First, you should know that the wine glass is always held by the stern and that is regardless of the wine type.

Many people are always asking why the stern. The answer is simple. Holding the stern prevents you from catching the central portion of the glass. This prevents the heat from your hand from vaporizing the alcohol and hence maintaining the wine’s taste. Continue to swirl the glass. The swirling releases some of the aroma. Sniff the wine to pick some of the smell.


With the necessary research you had done earlier, it will be easier to pick some smell. Don’t be scared to point out the smells. It’s an added bonus, especially if it’s something that he or she likes. Lastly, continue to take a sip. Take your time to detect the taste of the wine. Also, point out the flavor and listen to what your date has to say.


Going out for a date can be hectic, especially for the men. Figuring out the best date is usually a challenge. Dinner dates are even more complicated, especially when you’ve little knowledge about wine and your partner’s preferences. In the article, there are four ways you can impress your date with or without wine knowledge. Follow the tips carefully, and your date will take you for professional wine taster.


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