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How to Manage Your Undergarments

How to Manage Your Undergarments


Every man has undergarments, whether they choose to wear them or not is a different story. There’s always a drawer or multiple draws dedicated to underwear, socks, and undershirts, which are usually the daily essentials of most men’s lives. Unfortunately, the reality is that these items get worn out and have to be replaced over time. Normal clothing items are able to last longer than undergarments because they’re worn a lot less, either once every few weeks or a couple times a season. Since undergarments are used daily, each piece may be worn once every week or every other week increasing the chance of holes and stains.

Proper undergarment management can increase the longevity of men’s undergarments and decrease the need to replace them or the likelihood of wearing them once they’ve been damaged. Every man knows that they shouldn’t wear undergarments with holes, but we’ve all done it before. Men figure that no one can judge what they can’t see, but that doesn’t make it acceptable. It’s simply time for us to do better.

Let’s kick this off with the king of undergarments, which is underwear. Boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, it doesn’t matter, always stock up on underwear. Creating a surplus of underwear is the best way to prevent wear and tear. There’s a saying that you can never have too much underwear and it’s very true. Instead of waiting until you need new underwear, simply buy a pack once a paycheck or once a month. Underwear usually costs anywhere between $7-$15 depending on the brand and the amount that come in the pack; which is not enough money to negatively impact any man’s budget.

As men continue to stock their underwear they’ll notice that the wear and tear will decrease, since more underwear means that you’re less likely to wear any of the pairs repeatedly. This allows your underwear to last longer and as a bonus eliminates the urgency of laundry. Shout out to all of the men who wait until they’re out of underwear to do laundry. Now you can have over a month’s supply of underwear and when a pair does get damaged it won’t be a big deal.

Similar to underwear socks are worn regularly and should also be stockpiled. Have you ever sat on the floor of your bedroom looking at a small pile of socks, wonder what happened to all of your socks? Socks always seem to disappear or get lost, and it inevitable that one will get a hole. Just like underwear men should buy a pair once a paycheck or once a month, but don’t buy white socks.

White socks get dirty and dingy too easily, even after being washed. Instead of buying white socks buy a pair of black socks. Black socks have the same basic factor as whites, but more importantly, they don’t look dirty when they’re clean. Men should also try investing in other colors besides neutral colors, unless neutrals are your jam.

A lot of men can’t leave the house without an undershirt, usually in the form of a plain white t-shirt or a tank top. Not every outfit requires an undershirt and stocking up on them is actually a waste of money. Have 10-20 undershirts ready to go and call it a day. Undershirts are only necessary when wearing dress attire, any other time they’re optional. There are a lot of men who prefer tank tops over t-shirts, but they forget that tank tops don’t stop your armpits from sweating. It’s pointless to invest in an undershirt that won’t be able to stop your armpits from ruining your dress shirts.


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