How to Network as a Minority and Introvert in the Workplace

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Networking plays an important role, especially when you’re making a career, finding a job, or start a new business; it’s the key to success. For being a minority and an introvert, networking can be the most challenging and dreadful thing to do.  You have to face many things like meetings with clients, group projects, or speeches in front of an array of audiences. With these being key components in essentially starting a business or career, introverts should know about the benefits and importance of networking in the workplace. 

Meeting and getting people to know who you can assist, and in return, who can help you, play a major role in navigating the future of your prospected career. The following excerpts will display beneficial tips for introverts who want to better their networking skills in the workplace.

Career Building

 Getting noticed and being visible is essential to advance your career. If you regularly attend social and professional events that will recognize your face, you can build up your reputation as being trustworthy, knowledgeable, and supportive by offering useful tips and information to people who need it. 

Improve Business Connection

 Networking is about to help each other, and it’s about sharing not taking. When people know you well and trust you that you are working for the same purpose as they are, your business or job becomes secure and fruitful. 

Boost Confidence

 By continually meeting or getting to know new people and taking yourself out, these things extremely effective in boosting your confidence level.  

Career Networking Tips for Introverts

Networking can help you to make a career or finding a job. Being an introvert makes things tough. Here are a few habits and tips that will help you to navigate the social side of your career.

  • Be Prepared

Prepare yourself before going to a social or professional event. Spend a few minutes alone and think about what you can learn from others.

  • Be Yourself

 Introverts feel comfortable in small groups, and there is nothing wrong with it. But it is not great for your career. Try to start networking with new people, and as an introvert, you may be able to create a more lasting, intimate relationship. Try to focus on the things that matter.

  • Connect Online

We can easily connect with people all over the world because we live in the digital age.     Most people are introverts, and networking in the workplace could be challenging. The idea of talking to a stranger first time is enough to make hands sweaty and stomach roll. Shy people feeling awkward to introduce ourselves, connecting online is the best alternative to start networking.

  • Speak up in Meetings

 It’s an opportunity to network with new people by speaking up in meetings and social events. 

  • Smile

 Don’t be a quiet person in professional events, or sit in the corner answering emails on your phone. Sometimes it is difficult to smile all the time, but a smile can reduce the stress level. You should think a smile can also help you to engage with the event.


Shauna D. Balfour

Jamaican native Shauna D. attended the University of Georgia where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in International Business-Marketing and a certificate in Music Business. The proud Georgia Bulldog advanced her education and earned her Juris Doctorate from Nashville School of Law and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management. She may be a Bulldog alumni, but you will quickly learn that Shauna D. has a bulldog work ethic and dedicates her time and effort into being the best entertainment professional she can be.

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