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How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

HoneymoodAfter you’ve finished the stressed of Googling “Wedding Dresses, Bridal Gowns, Wedding Gowns – Azazie”, you’ll quickly find yourself with the new stressful task of planning the perfect honeymoon. While the this is supposed to be one of the most memorable and magical times of your life, there’s just no way around intense planning that makes your dream a reality.

A honeymoon is a vacation to beat all vacations, which puts a lot of pressure on you and your partner to plan it just right. Instead of adding that extra layer of stress, why not follow these helpful tips and breathe easy?


Start with the Duration

Just like any vacation, a honeymoon is easier to define when you know how long the trip will last. How much time do the two of you have to elope? Make that your starting point, and begin to think about the time it takes to travel as well.

For instance, a two-week trip to an Indonesian island is going to be cut short a few days by the time it takes to get there and back. These decisions are going to help shape the next step, as well.

Picking a Destination

Now that you’ve settled on a timeframe and eliminated any destinations that are simply too far away, you can begin narrowing down your selection of places to go. This is where many couples realize their honeymoon fantasies differ. One of you might be thinking luxe and high living, while the other imagines grand adventure.

Have a serious discussion about the things you’d like to do together during this time. Is it possible to combine multiple passions into one trip, or does it make more sense to stick with something relaxing based on monetary constraints and finally getting a break from a hectic work schedule?

Beach or mountains? Five-star resort or lover’s shack? Safari during the day and full treatment spas at night, or pampering under the sun and a night filled with drinks and dancing? Deciding on a place together helps foster the team attitude needed in a marriage, and is sure to bring you to the perfect locale.

Plan A.S.A.P.

Don’t leave planning the details off until the week beforehand. Take the time to sit down with one another and hammer out each aspect involved in your trip. That goes for everything from which airline to choose to who will keep an eye on the house while you’re away.

Planning ahead is also an ideal way to save big on travel and hotel expenses. The earlier you book either, the cheaper they tend to be. Taking advantage of these deals allows you to have more resources for fun activities during your honeymoon vacay.

You might also consider where the money is coming from. Instead of footing the entire bill yourselves, crowdfunding honeymoons is becoming increasingly popular thanks to sites like Honeyfund.com.

Are Experts Needed?

If you’ve concocted a complicated trip with multiple stops, stays, and activities, then you might want to consider the help of a professional planner. They’ll take care of the multitude of fine details, leaving the two of you to focus on wedding planning.

While experts are not necessary for straightforward, one destination honeymoons, they can certainly come in handy for the extravagant and grand. The choice is ultimately yours.

The Perfect Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon to remember doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. By taking the time to plan properly and talk about the various aspects involved, you and your partner are sure to plan a trip you’ll never forget.


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