How to Transition from Summer to Pre-Fall.


By: Eric Kelley II

August is final here and the transition from the Summer to the Fall is among us. Summer is already a tough time to dress appropriately for; the Pre-Fall is more difficult. With the help of Kontrol Homme, we can make this transition as easy and uberly stylish for you as possible. Here a few tips to making the Pre-Fall season stylish for you.





  1. Tonal & Neutral Colors : Pre-Fall is all about toning down the bright and neon colors. Try colors like Dusty Pink, Olive, Khaki, Gray, British Tan, Stone, and Beige. Colors that work well with skin tones are best suited for Pre-Fall.
  2. Keep It Simple. Keeping your outfit pieces simple and light is the way to go. Crewneck T-Shirts, shorts, waistcoats, lightweight sweater and cardigans. It’s not exactly Fall, so you don’t have layer just yet.
  3. Relaxed But Tailored. Embrace the unstructured blazer. Without paddings under your jacket, you’ll be able to breathe more and relax just as much as your fit.
  4. Fabric Play. Play around with knitted fabrics, Nylon, and Linen. Combining different fabrics will build character within your personal style and also prep you for heavier fabrics for the fall.






Pre-Fall doesn’t have to be a bore! The tips will make for a damn good transition for you, gentlemen. Knowing what works during the Pre-Fall season is critical to  staying fly until Fall premieres. Let Kontrol Homme know if this helps improve style and as always, stay dapper gentlemen.



Eric Kelley

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