Celebrity Challenge To Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey And Their Money Is Not Enough!

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We are all watching with sadness and disbelief as the residents of Houston, are suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The flooding is catastrophic, as waters engulf highways, automobiles, and even homes. Houston is preparing for the worst, and many will be homeless.

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Hurricane Harvey relief funds have been established to help those in need. Celebrities have truly stepped up to the plate. Kevin Hart announced on Instagram, challenging his A-list friends such as: The Rock, T.I., Niki Minaj and others to donate 25k to victims. Niki Minaj, and T.I. agreed to 25k, and Chris Brown generously donated 100k. The Kardashian clan has agreed to donate 500k. One would think, wow this is awesome! But not so awesome to the very judgmental and highly dissatisfied “Keyboard Clickers” of Instagram.  Instagrammers’ cynical comments and dissatisfaction of celebrity donations are flooding in fast! The backlash is ridiculous and insensitive.

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It is disheartening that people can even make such comments, at a time when Houstonians, and the residents of Texas are in need of the help of our nation. We should all be so grateful that celebrities have the means and power to use their platform to help those in dyer need. People tend to think that celebrities and their money is the answer to all of our problems. It is not! This is not a time to judge, ridicule, and criticize the amounts of money that have been donated. This is a time for us to come together, and do as much as we can to help.

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We sit in our homes safely, as we watch families with children in boats, the elderly lifted by helicopter, and so many stranded in areas of the city that have now been turned into a body of water. Even when the flood waters recede, the turmoil doesn’t end there. There are still loved ones missing, there won’t be homes to go back to, and the emotional impact will be devastating for many.  And the most some can do, is complain and bicker about how a celebrity didn’t give enough money. Shame on you! Instead of taking your precious time to judge and criticize those that are trying to help. We would like to challenge you. How many of you complaining critics have even lifted a finger to donate or help the victims of Hurricane Harvey? We’ll wait…

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