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I Rep The Brand That Pays Me: It Works! Does It Work?

I Rep The Brand That Pays Me: It Works! Does It Work?

I stumbled across It works! in 2015 after endlessly searching for a cleanser to control my minor acne breakouts. After following the Instagram page of Mia Ray, witnessing her skin transformation, (I mean SKIN was GLOWING) I felt it was only right to give it a shot!

Mia Ray, Skincare, It works, Kontrolmag, kontrolbeauty
Mia Ray

…So What Was YOUR Experience

Once I received my new skincare products, I began using them right away! After using every drugstore brand cleanser known to man, I was ecstatic about using products that weren’t harsh but instead, gentle, plant based and hypoallergenic.

Let me put a little emphasis on Hypoallergenic, how many people can say that they can use their facial cleanser as a body wash?!? No? CARRY ON….

Skincare, It works, Kontrolmag, kontrolbeauty
It works! Cleanser & Toner

Within 3 months, the live acne that I had before using the products had subsided. However, the blemishes around my forehead and on the sides of my face had completely vanished! I was SO happy. It had been since Jr. high that my skin was clear.

Next up!

*Rubs Hands Like Birdman* What else can I try…..

I went back to the source (Mia Ray’s IG page)..

It was only right. I mean, it was Mia’s awesome way of marketing her personal skincare regimen that pushed me into trying it for myself. It was at that point that I felt I could trust her judgement.

Soon after, I began noticing that in her snap chat stories, she would shake up her bottles of water… but not just any kind of water..it was green! I thought to myself, heck no! NOPE…not going for it! Well, to my surprise, this green powder that she conveniently poured into her tea, juice, and water gave her energy, assisted in shrinking her waist and keeping her tummy flat. It was Greens On The Go!

OK…Im Sold!

I purchased the greens on the go in April 2016 and lets just say, there have been times that I’ve been out…  & have been approached as the “Greens On The Go” lady… and you know what, I am absolutely OK with that!

Greensonthego, it works, health, wellness, lifestyle, kontrolmag, kontrolbeauty
Greens on the go

When I love something, I LOVE HARD! I am head over heels for my greens on the go.. we are past the “were getting serious” phase. This right here, is a lifetime bond. The greens have drastically changed my digestive system for the better, keeps me bloat free, maintains my small waist and has relieved me of my migraines.

I’ve spent lots of time researching the ingredients in this BOMB product. I discovered that the greens on the go has ingredients that help lower high blood pressure, diabetes, lupus, PMS and a slew of other ailments.

It Works SO well that I said YES & joined the business!!

I joined the business in Sept. 2016 because I yearned for another stream of income. I have a passion for helping.. so, it only felt right to sign as a partner in the business. I have several family members with high blood pressure and diabetes, there was no way that I could be stingy with this new found information.

Since joining this business, I have helped over 30 individuals become healthier. I have also motivated over 20 women to join me in this business.

“What’s better than one billionaire? Two” -Jay-Z

To date, I can attest to trying over 10 of our products. We have products that cater to Skincare, Lifestyle, and Body to name a few. If you ever doubted that any of our products  actually WORK…throw the doubt out of the window!


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